Now We're at Orange-lite ?

Dammit, if your going to spend taxpayer money creating a national terror alert color scheme, STICK WITH IT :mad:
I remember being told that the whole purpose of the setup was to eliminate uncertainty and rumor-mongeringf, and give the public a reliable indication of how frightened we should all be. Now, barely a year into implementation Ridge is already gaming the system to cover his own ass. It’d have been more helpful if he’d just duct-taped his mouth.

Hmmm…Maybe the news networks should give out terror alerts in RGB values…

“And this morning, the Department of Homeland Security raised the terror rating to 255, 0, 0…”

Here’s a gem:

To rephrase: “Yeah, you know that whole color scheme thing we came up with? It’s basically meaningless.”

Which is what I suspected in the first place… nice that he confirmed it for me. :rolleyes:

Heck, why stop there? Might as well confuse the general population even more with hex values.

“FF8000? Those aren’t even all numbers!”