Now what do I do with my gladioli?

I have three pots of gladioli on my front steps. I don’t know the name of the variety, but the flowers are smaller and more delicate than most I’ve seen, and they’re a beautiful shade of pale pink. There are about 10 plants per pot.

They are pretty much through flowering now, and I definitely want to have them back next year. If they were in the ground, I know I’d have to bring them indoors during winter. But it’s not even August yet. So what should I do with them? Should I cut down the stalks now or wait till they die down? Should I keep the soil moist or let it dry? Should I dig them up or leave them in the pots? Help!

Cut down the main bloom stalk now, but leave the other leaves to gather energy to beef up the corms for the next year. When the leaves turn yellow, they are done for that purpose.

I’m in the South, so we have the luxury of just leaving Glads in the ground to overwinter. Here’s a basic rundown for those who need to have other measures for overwintering.

To add, you can let them be in the pots for now, but don’t soak them with water, especially if it’s a peat -based soil mix. You run the risk of rotting out the corms.