Now you're cooking with pepper spray!

Has anyone used pepper spray to cook with? Like the kind for defense? It’s supposed to be non-lethal, so it can’t be toxic, right? I’m just planning on making the ultimate enchiladas and I’m out of Pam. :wink:

Pepper spray is the concentrated chemical that makes chili peppers hot.

So you can eat it. Bears have been know to lick pepper spray off the ground after it has been used as a bear deterrent. The dye in most defense sprays should make your food real pretty, too.

Watch out for back-spray when you spray it into the pan. You’ll probably clear the kitchen, if not the whole house, pretty quickly.

Why don’t you go to the store and buy the hottest hot sauce instead? And just use alot.

I didn’t use it to cook with but I have tasted it before. It was just a kind of pure heat without much other taste. I thought that it was pretty good. Just try a dab the first to see how much you can handle.

I don’t know what strange chemical they color the stuff with, and I don’t know whether the capsaicin is dissolved in used crankcase oil, or a more expensive, less toxic substance. Trying it once probably won’t kill you, but it probably won’t make you stronger either.

Ive got a friend who uses it in his chili.

I make a rather spicy chili that I call Smoking Magma. My sauces are: Pure Hell Hot Sauce and Dave’s Insanity Limited Edition. But be careful! These sauces are very hot. Trust me, you won’t need your pepper spray. You can heat the food to any level with these sauces. I have spent several evenings sucking ice cubes after over-doing the sauces.

It’s not for me, but if you really need it…Pure Capsaicin. I’d be interested to hear your reports if you actually use any pure cap for cooking.

I’ve got a friend that uses Habanero 750 extract to make jerky and ribs etc… It’s 750,000 scoville. Most peppersprays are about 2Million Scoville.

Be careful- 750,000 scoville can cause serious gasterointestinal misery, so 2 mill could have you drive the porcelan bus for quite a while.

Blair’s 3 am reserve is about 1 million scoville and is all food grade

I do.

I put about 3 drops (the bottle comes with an eye dropper in the lid) in Campbell’s Double Noodle for a quick Cold Buster.

Homer sprays his eggs with Marge’s police pepper spray: “Mmm…Incapacitating.” :smiley:

That oughta do it!

Also way up there on the killer sauce list is something called “Endorphin Rush”, and while I can’t remember it’s Scoville rating, it’s so hot that comes complete with it’s own disclaimer. I’ll check when I get home tonight.

Dont get preoccupied with Scoville units. They are not a standard unit of measure. Rating something in scoville units involves someone rating how “hot” it feels when placed on the tongue. You cannot compare the scoville units of two different brands because they will use different testers with two different opinions. It is a very subjective test. Check out the American Spice Trade Association, Analytical Methods 21.0 for more info on that…

Another misconception about pepper spray is the percent of OC in the spray. Don’t pay attention to this either.

At the factory, the oleoresin capsicum is diluted with about a dozen other chemicals. different companies will dilute it more or less. The problem is that any finished product after dilution is STILL CONSIDERED OC.

So some of these “keychain pepper sprays” bragging about 25% OC, actually have 25 percent of a very diluted and weak OC.

While a law enforcement issue 15% sounds weaker it is made with much stronger OC.

… so misleading, I know.

The best way to determine potency is looking at the Capsaicinoid Concentration. A lot of sprays dont show this on the label though…
Anyway, back to the OP:

Most OC sprays use alcohol or propylene glycol as the solvent. And all the other crap they put in there is supposed to be “food grade”. At least that’s what they say. Be careful cooking with OC, some of the sprays are flamable.

Yes, originally the scoville scale was a measure of the amount of sugar water it took to dilute the Capsaicin to the point that it no longer was able to be sensed on the tongue and was very subjective. Now most of the food additives and all of the professional OC sprays are measured by HPLC High performance liquid chromatography, or high performance gas chromatography.

After all there have been claims that OC sprays and subsequent confinement have lead to death, so I imagine that for liability OC manufacturers know Exactly what the absolute Capsaicin concentration is. And if I was producing a sauce as hot as Blair’s or Possible Side Effects, I would want to be able to tell my legal eagles exactly how ‘hot’ my stuff was too.


First person in a thread to have tried something really stupid!!!

A pepper-spray user checking in…

I am part of a SAR group that does a lot of bullshit too with community service projects to the order of directing traffic at Arbor Day events. I was sitting in front of my mobile command post with five other SAR members. One had a pepper spray keychain. Someone else brought some Taco Bell burritos. Everyone dared me to dry pepper spray on a burrito. I am a very suggestable person. Two sprays in the burrito. I ate the whole thing. It hurt for a while, but it was not too bad. I ran over to the water and stole some volunteer water. I think I cut an 8 year old girl off to do it.

Hi, Rue Deday

This is the first time that i read that pepper sprays can be used like this also. Uptill know, I have heard and myself have used pepper spray for safety purpose.

Well, I will also give it a try.

I have used OLYMPIAN - PINK pepper spray. It is quite strong

Hi, Tony

Rue is right, not many people use pepper spray like this because they are not aware of it.

But my brother-in law has used it. It works :slight_smile:

Hi, Tony

Rue is right, not many people use pepper spray like this because they are not aware of it.

But my brother-in law has used it. It works :slight_smile: