NPR to cut programs

Day to Day and News and Notes will quitin March.

I hope Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me is safe.

Pledge early and often.

And contact corporate sponsors, and point out their little blurbs about how much their listeners appreciate their underwriting is not just advertising, but the truth.

Should we organize a write in campaign to NPR sponsors, promising that our liberal elitist dollars will be spent preferentially on Underwriters?

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be. It’s one of their more famous shows, and I can’t imagine it costs too much to produce. (Now, if they gave out prizes any bigger than Carl Kassel’s voice on your answering machine, it might be in trouble…)

Our local station doesn’t even carry those two shows, so I’ve never heard them. Maybe that’s why they are being cut.

Wait a minute… Didn’t they get an enormous amount of money from the McDonald’s heiress a couple of years ago?

[Dr. Evil]
200 Million dollars.
[/Dr. Evil]

I believe the article mentions they lost much of it’s value in the stock market crash.

Unless you dislike your public station. (Though it’s really it’s associated TV station I dislike: if I wanted antiquing, woo woo pseudoscience, or washed-up musicians, I’d get cable.)