NRIs (non-resident Indians): How Westernized are you?

I think I’m the most westernized Indian I know. Of course, I was born in England, and haven’t visited India more than three times, and never since I was seven- but a lot of my friends growing up were British-born and had hardly visited India and were a lot more Indianized than I was.

I can’t eat hot curry, have never worn a bindi or powder on my forehead, and didn’t wear a kurta until my brother got married and my mother made me.

On the other hand, now that I’m a (young) adult, and living in the States, I’m experiencing a sort of fondness for all the things I shunned as a kid- raw silk clothing, bhajis and hot food of all kinds, and women in saris; go figure.

So, I ask you other Indian dopers- resident and non- how Westernized are you? Or if you live in say, Japan, how Japanesed (couldn’t think of a better word, sorry) are you?

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I wanted to ask this in the sari thread, but since you’ve brought up your Indian-ness again, I have to ask: How did you choose the name dutchboy? :dubious: :wink:
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Nothing to do with the country…
It’s my fraternity nickname… in my younger days- well, three years ago- I was painting a float for my college’s Homecoming Parade, and happened to be heavily intoxicated at the time. I reached down for a frosty beverage, grabbed the gallon can of Dutchboy brand paint I was using, and without thinking took a swig of that…

As you can imagine, the name (and the yellow tinge to my lips and tongue) stuck for quite awhile.

I’m three-quarters Indian, so I’ll join in.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, been to India maybe around six or seven times. My accent is about 70% ‘general American’ and 30% English (due to schooling in international British schools). I visit the temple maybe once a year (on Diwali).

I enjoy Indian food, but I’d rather have a well-done steak with fries on the side. I really like the style of Indian men’s clothing, but I’ve only worn a kurta around three times. The only languages I can speak are English and Spanish, and can’t speak Hindi to save my life. But I really do want to stay in India for a while and learn Hindi.

Oh, and in general, I can’t stand Bollywood movies. :smiley:

One more thing, dutchboy. If the name on your homepage is in fact real, then we both share the same first-name. :wink:


You certainly are westernized, dearie. Men don’t wear bindis.

Hey there, aasna :wink:

I was born, brought up, studied and have lived all my life (excluding a little more than a year in Europe) in India. This is how I am:

I speak English 90% of the time. I can speak Hindi to save my life, but only just. I spent under a year in Germany, but I speak that language better than I do Hindi.

Although I grew up reading both American comics as well as Indian mythology (as well as the Mahabharata and Ramayana), my weltanschaung is decidedly western in nature.

I love how Indian food tastes, but if it’s too spicy or too oily my stomach can’t handle it (and the next morning, my arse can’t).

I think Indian clothing for men is generally uncomfortable. I wear it only rarely. But I do think it looks just great.

I can’t stand Bollywood films. The last one I liked was Satya, about 5 years ago. I just can’t identify wth them. I’d much rather watch foreign films.

Well I don’t know if I count. I was born and raised in the West Indies and am sixth generation Indian. I would say that I am far more Caribbean than Indian and quite thoroughly Westernized.

My mother is fairly devout and I’ve worn a sari twice and a salwar kemeez several times. I typically wear jeans though. I don’t speak Hindi, no one in Trinidad speaks Hindi as a matter of fact, but our religious traditions are the same as what was done in India two hundred years ago.

I don’t keep to any of the dietary restrictions but I do love Inidan food (although I prefer Chinese food). I don’t watch Bollywood films and never have.

However I did have a three day traditional Hindu wedding that my mother sprang on me :p. It was interesting to say the least since my husband was a white American and I am not religious and we found out about it all of a week before the wedding itself!


Green_bladder… the name is real. Wear it with pride :slight_smile:

Born and raised in California (I’m 24), though I’ve been to India a few times once staying for 3 months (about 5 years ago) and once staying for a whole year (about 18 years ago).

I have no Indian accent, and can’t really speak Hindi or Gujarati. I can understand some Gujarati and can slowly read a little, but I’m out of practice. I’m not too Indian otherwise.

I’m not into Bollywood or Indian pop music. I appreciate Indian classical music, but usually don’t listen to much of it (just like how I appreciate Western classical, but rarely listen to it).

I do love Indian food though, but then I’m a food lover in general.

I also follow the religious philosophy a bit, but am not too keen on actually going to temples, and sitting through all the ceremonies. I am vegetarian, and have read a little about Hindu religion and identify as Hindu, though not strongly.

As far as clothes go, I’m not the biggest fan of men’s Indian clothes. I think suits look better for formal occasions and T-shirts and jeans are feel more comfortable. On the other hand I think saris are great. But I like them even better on non-Indians, maybe because that is more “exotic.”

You and about a million other “westernized” Indians…haha…it’s the Indian name that sounds white. I don’t think many people actually in India give their kids that name, since it’s actually more of a color.