NSA whistleblower interviewed!

Great minds think alike. He’s checked out of his hotel and presumably left Hong Kong. Iceland seems the likely refuge for him. I’m puzzled why he didn’t give the interview and immediately boarded a plane afterward. I would have my flight arranged and tickets purchased ahead of time.

Well, he could tell you, but…

You also left out mega ultimate triple infinity billion secret. Obviously you don’t know nearly as much as you thought you did.

On its own, nothing. Probably doesn’t mean much in context, but even this “which way are your eyes going when you talk” crap depends on your handedness and which direction you look. If you’re recalling memories, one direction is supposed to indicate constructed memories, another remembered memories, and then there’s visual vs auditory and stuff like that. Not that I would give that much credence to that, anyway.

Whistle Blower walked away from a 4 year relationship with a former trained ballerina/model. Gorgeous woman.

Right or wrong this guy must have felt a urgent need to reveal what the NSA is doing. Knowing he’d have to walk away from a nice life in Hawaii with a good paying job and gf. He’s already sacrificed a lot for his principles.

In an interview he said, “I don’t want to live in a world where everything I saw and do would be recorded.” He may end up in just that scenario in jail.

Supermax, hopefully. It’s merciful compared to what traitors used to get.

I don’t get it. I thought the outcry was because people were against this kind of monitoring, yet these statements seem to be made against him? Shouldn’t people be praising him? I understand every point of view has its supporters, but this can’t be that common.

I don’t particularly praise him. He just made public something that will not change (there was a very similar scandal back in 2006, with the NSA getting phone records from the companies), which will still be done, and which every country on the planet, in one form or another, is doing.

His actions won’t change a thing. The only thing he has managed to do is to paint a gigantic target on his back. Either he will end up basically spending the rest of his life in jail, or he will experience a drastically shortened lifespan.

It is not fair. It is not what should happen. But it is what happens, and it will never change. One can be for or against this type of monitoring, but one thing --and only one thing-- is extremely clear: This type of monitoring will not go away. No matter who is in power, no matter what happens, no matter what country you live in.

I still hmmm…OK what the big deal on this whole NSA thing :dubious:. I can understand the points of Snowden blowing the lid off of NSA activities. The NSA can read, calculate, and analyze (in theory) all electronic communications of every person in U.S. If you were wanting to destroy political opposition or a company who wants to destroy another, Snowden claims that you can trace the backlogs on every interaction you made on a computer with internet capabilities and phone lines. Then evil politician or company can use information to smear or manipulate the public to opposite who they see as a threat to their power. Or in a worst case scenario, arrest dissents and killing them.

Why I am going hmmm on this is that it is not exactly a shocking revelation on how U.S. intelligence works or how companies get our personal information. Just log on to amazon.com, buy a game, and then have amazon give you junk email advertise on products similar to that game. Also we haven’t seen people dragged out of their homes and arrested/killed over "I hate Obama"at least not yet. There would have to be a radical social or political change that would have to cause US society to become increasing anti-democracy. I believe this will be caused by either global war, or an economic collapse causing a major downturn in standard of living.

I think the worst possible case scenario out this scandal is Obama having used NSA database to commit a Watergate–spying on opponents to give himself an advantage in the election or discredit Republicans. Now if you think I am anti-Democrat or Tea Toller, I voted for Obama in 2012. IRS was caught spying or manipulated tax status of the Tea Party during 2012. Who do you think would benefit from discrediting them. It does not take a genius to figure this out. If the most powerful man had the services of NSA, I think I would use the data if I wanted to harm my opponents. Of course, I can be completely wrong in thinking of the worst possible solution and willing gladly eat humble pie :D.

Other possibility that China or Russia will give money to Snowden or torture him for it; thus undermining US security.

I think Snowden sounds very intelligent and I think he generally knows what he is going with great understanding. However, I have the feeling he is the type of person who wants to “start a revolution to overthrew Amerika” for s9*&s and giggles and to smooth his ego of becoming the next Che of wannabe coffee shop revolutionists. He looks like some of ()*hats (hipsters) at university I went to who thought they were cool for dreaming overthrowing a problematic but still overall decent country. I give him credit for doing what he believes, but his life is going to be problematic at least to say.

Finally, sorry about the too long to read comment I made. I’m kind of a coffeehouse idealist pipe dreamer expect more narcly :smiley:

There are a whole lot of ways to look at this thing … and then twist and turn and look at it differently… and then ignore everything you might have thought about things five years ago and look at it differently.

I don’t think it’s all that uncommon, though, to think that individual citizens don’t have the right to do illegal things without being held accountable no matter what the cause.

If the government actions were illegal then he’s a whistle-blower… if they weren’t, he’s, among other things, an idiot.

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