NSA whistleblower interviewed!


Edward Snowden NSA: Guardian Reveals Identity Of Whistleblower Behind NSA Revelations

They left one clearance off … it’s called secret with need to know


There is no such clearance. If you can give a cite, I’ll be surprised. Your usual BS.

He reminds me more of Colleen Rowley.

Its been a few years but IIRC pretty much all levels of classified information are on a “need to know” basis. A bit informal perhaps, but having whatever level clearance IIRC isn’t a free pass to learn any old random shit at that level. Our secretary had a X level clearance, but trust me, as the secretary, if she started asking all sorts of questions about various engineering specs some eyebrows would have been raising pretty darn fast.

On the one hand - he’s not wrong.

On the other hand - Honey, does your Mommy let you leave the house all by yourself?

He made his choice and seems quite aware of and willing to accept the consequences. He seems a lot more thoughtful and insightful than jackholes like Bradley Manning or Julian Assange.

Super dupper secret spy stuff. Does anybody here know the big secret about window blinds?

Yes, he’s not near the jackass some of these other folks were.

I like his point that we as citizens need to decide if the monitoring of phones and the Internet is in the public interest. There needs to be a public discussion on this and that couldn’t happen without this whistle blowers actions.

I see no harm here. The bad guys must have suspected their communications could be monitored. No big secrets were released. Other than confirming what was already suspected.

I’m still on the fence about monitoring communications. We have to keep our country safe and still protect freedoms and privacy. It’s impossible to do both. We deserve a public debate. This isn’t something that should be decided by a bunch of politicians in a hidden room. They don’t have the right to make this decision for the entire country.

I really hope he was smart enough to leave Hong Kong for another third party country before he allowed the guardian to publish those pieces .

As I understand it, the US has no extradition treaty with China, so there’s no established procedure for demanding his return. He’s not in immediate danger of going to Bagram. On the other hand, he’s a person with a great deal of knowledge about US spy systems who is now essentially in Chinese custody. I suspect there may be some extensive interrogations in his future.

Or two in the head. He’s playing the Game of Thrones, and he ain’t going to win…

He’s claiming to be in Hong Kong, which does have an extradition treaty with the US. his choice of countries really doesn’t make much sense to me including his justification for choosing Hong Kong. Unless of course he was never in Hong Kong and that’s to throw people off his trail.

What a phenomenally stupid human being.

I worked for years in a job that required security clearances. Many times, I didn’t understand why certain things were classified. Maybe I was naive, but I figured someone up the line with a view of the big picture made the decisions as to what needed to be protected and what didn’t. I was in no position to determine if the little piece of the puzzle that I knew could get someone killed if it came out.

What I do know is that I was granted my clearance and access based on what I needed to do my job, with the understanding that if I revealed certain things, I could end up in jail. I’m pretty sure if I encountered something that I thought was really fishy, I’d have gone to the Inspector General or my elected representatives rather than to the media. Leaking should be the *absolute *last resort.

Despite what some would have us believe, the gov’t is not a monstrous, mindless entity going thru the motions on autopilot. The bureaucracy is composed of people doing their jobs like anywhere else. Some are good, some are lazy, some are corrupt - welcome to life! There are ways of handling concerns, and I think this guy went about it completely wrong.

Of course, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need all these secrets because we’d all be honest and honorable and interested in the common good of the planet…

Looks like his 15 minutes of fame will be cut to 2 minutes pretty soon - Edward Snowden Contact Glenn Greenwald Should Be ‘Disappeared’, Security Officials ‘Overheard Saying’

For ruining his life for some petty principle? Or … ?

Amen. This is a debate which needs to happen, and it needs to happen in the most public way possible. This is the sort of situation where we need to remember that the government is our servant, not our master, and if the public decides that it doesn’t want this sort of surveilance, then the government is obligated to respect that decision. This whistleblower is a hero.

Sadly, this administration has made it their top priority to target whistleblowers who [del]show what autocratic dicks they’ve become[/del] threaten national security, so I’m expecting him to be arrested or kidnapped fairly soon.

My own clearance was of this nature … did I leave out ultra secret or do I have to prove it with a cite.

By the way did you notice the whistleblower’s eye’s during his online interview?

They were shifting to the side as he was talking … what does this trait mean?