NT4.0 small business server and win95?

I have a strange situation here.
I need to set up one win95 station to my network. My network has been developing slowly over the years, so it is configured a bit odd. I have an NT4.0 Server, with one domain “PRODUCTION”. Later i added another server except with it’s Small Business Server, to be used as a web server/proxy. It is connected to the network and falls under the domain. I have a windows NT4.0 workstation/client and a win98/client under this domain as well. they can see my win95 station, and the web server. but my win95 can’t see the web server. What am i missing? is this enough information?

hope it isn’t too much trouble posting this here, i’m in a bind. any help would be appreciated. i’ve already posted to some newsgroups.

sorry, nevermind, got my protocols confused. thanx anyway all.