NTLDR is missing - is my computer stuffed?

So I had a BSOD a couple of days ago. Fearing the worst I have been trying to get any of stuff I dont want to lose off. Ant way today my computer shut down restart I got NTLDR is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart and thats all it will fo now

If you have your original Windows (XP, 7 or 8?) disc, you can boot from that into a system restore environment that should allow you to fix that problem. You could also do this with Hirens Boot CD, which has a menu option specifically to fix the NTLDR missing problem.

Sadly this computer came with no disks. Of course this had to happen at 5:02 so no assisstance from any repair places until (only possibly) tomorrow.
Thanks though.

Sometimes you get this when it tries to boot off of a connected USB device like a flash drive or external hard-drive, or there is a CD or DVD in the drive. In that case all you have to do is remove whatever it is trying to read and restart again normally.

The pc may have a special partition set aside to do a factory reset. If you don’t mind losing your data, you could try that. When the PC is showing the BIOS screen, look for an option to press Fsomething for a restore environment.

You could also ask a friend if they have a Windows disc of the same version.

This error means that your PC is trying to boot from a drive that Windows is not installed on (ie a usb drive, cd, etc). When you boot up your PC, look for the BIOS setup key (usually an F# key, or delete), press it, and in the BIOS setup make sure your hard drive is first in the boot list.

If, once you’re sure that it is, and you have no usb drives plugged in or cd’s in your disc drive, it still gives you that error - either your hard drive is done for or your Windows install is corrupt.

This is usually trivial to recover, as GSV indicates. You do need a boot CD / DVD / USB

Combined with the BSOD, the age of any computer that shipped with XP (I assume), and assuming your computer didn’t just suddenly switch boot disks for no reason, I’d say you have symptoms of a hard drive failure.

Try the repair option, but plan to replace the hard drive even if it “works”. Because it’ll only work temporarily.

If you have any CD/DVD or usb flash drives or external hard drives, remove and disconnect all of them.

Now my bloody tablet has died. It must be contagious so keeping bedside vigil with my phone

Oh an no CD and no flash drives attached. Bloody bugger. I tutor and I need a working computer so I can earn money.

Ask around and see if you can borrow a boot disk from your friends. As long as you get the right version of Windows (7, Vista, XP or 8), it doesn’t matter whose disk you use. Then respond here for the exact instructions on how to fix it.

The bigger question is why that file is corrupt or missing. That may be the more complicated fix.