Nuclear Bomb Test

I think we need to hold a Nuclear Bomb Test in an isolated area. It would be a clear signal to the North Korean guy with the bad haircut to BEWARE and back off.:eek:

Pretty sure he already knows you guys have lots of functional nukes. Demonstrating one wouldn’t change that.

Leaving aside the treaty violations this would entail, what, exactly, would it prove to NK or anyone else? I mean…is there any questions that the US has thousands of nuclear weapons or ICBMs as well as a host of other delivery systems to get nukes anywhere in the world?

What it would do practically would be certain to convince the North Korea that they should obtain a nuclear deterence as quickly as possible to ward off what would seem to be a threat of a nuclear attack on them.

A very bad idea.

Trump just dropped a weapon that was large enough to qualify as a tactical nuke.

Who’s got a recipe for yellowcake?

Obligatory Randy Newman reference (yeah, drop the big one)

…the American guy with the bad haircut?

Complete with it’s own mushroom cloud.

This is not the Pit (but I’d love the recipe if this gets moved).

Aren’t they doing (or haven’t they already done) that anyways?

I think that big bomb was a strategic move to see if he could put some extra pressure on Nk insiders to over throw Kim.

Not to mention that the US actually HAS used nukes. Twice. It’s not like it’s unbelievable we’d use them as we already have. You might wonder if some other country has them or not, or would use them or not, but in the case of the US there isn’t any doubt.

What I worry about is Trump ordering a preemptive strike that, maybe, stops a nuke test but prompts the North Koreans to open fire on Seoul with their artillery units already in place. And then things maybe snowball from there.

This may be the single dumbest idea I’ve seen posted here in a very long time. Test a nuke. Now. Sure. Why don’t we try to put out fires with gasoline while we’re at it?

Yup. I’m afraid that’s exactly what is about to happen. Hope I’m wrong.

You mean around the Bikini Atol, just off the North Korean guy’s front porch? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Our guy with the bad haircut would probably mess up and test around Bikini Bottom :smiley:

Same place.

Why not just send him a pumpkin with a knife stuck in it and a note reading “you” ?

Timeline of Every Nuclear Explosion 1945-1998 (does not include North Korea or the Vela Incident.)