Nuclear bunker busters, Iran

It’s not very likely that USA would use such a weapon (1 megaton atomic bomb) against the nuclear facilities in Iran

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No, it is not likely that the US would use a weapon with a megaton-plus yield in Iran. Most of the proposals for RNEP designs, IIRC had yields of less than 10kt. Whether or not the US would use one of those, if they developed one, is up for debate.

Whether or not they would be effective, is not really up for debate. Most experts agree that they would not, for several reasons.

Congress blocked the nuclear bunker buster funding.
Some time ago.

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Point of order: How is a Nuclear Bunker Buster in anyway Mundane, Pointless, or something that should be shared?

“Must be shared”, and quite obviously the OP had to.

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Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb!

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I’m just happy we’ve kept MPSIMS as a nuclear free zone. I keep hearing rumors about intiations involving calamari, and excess radiation can’t make that any better.