nuclear power should abandoned

Chernobyl has probably killed 10,000 or more. But who knows how many it killed. It killed hundreds of firemen. It killed hundreds of people who built the doom to cover the mess. It’s probably given cancer to tens of thousands. Not to mention an area 150 mile radius from Chernobyl will be a 500 years , before anyone can live there. If the stuff got into the water table it might give millions cancer.

There was another meltdown in Russia they Communists never told us about. Now we have the Japanese nuclear disaster. Thousands more will die and I’ve always heard that you can’t put a price on a life.

The truth is we don’t need nuclear power. If they would let them grow hemp they could steadily feed the boilers and do away with coal, oil and nuclear. You have to remember all they are doing is heating water to create steam to turn turbines. Nuclear leaves hundreds of millins of gallons of waste. It takes a lot longer and a lot more expensive to build a nuclear power plant. So many times they build on them for years, but they are never opened.

It takes public opinion to get things done. If we have another nuclear meltdown in the next few years then nuclear power is done. Half of Japan probably is inhabitable, but they are just not telling the truth.

There might be dozens of close calls every year. You got the Communist criminals controlling a country and they will keep from telling the people the truth and it caused a lot more people to become injured, because when Chernobyl occurred the people stayed there for a day and the people we blasted with gamma rays. If you thiink nuclear power is worth it tell to the people who lost family members.

The thing is if the nuclear power plant exploded in February when the winds would have been coming from the North then Kiev would had to of been abandoned. But that would be horrendous a city of 3 to 4 million having to evacuate, so they would probably just lie to the people to keep them there. No doubt if Tokyo was smaller they would have abandoned the city, but there are about 10 million and it would be horrendous for those people to uproot and leave their city.

Nuclear power we would not be discussing if people would just make their own power with solar and different inventions people can get free electricity. If the would cut off their plasma tvs they would cut down 50% on electricity demands.

I think I will pick out just one or two gems before we adjourn to the Pit.

Welcome to the SDMB. It is customary to provide evidence for claims that are not commonly accepted.

Could you please provide some evidence that only half of Japan is inhabitable, and that this fact has been covered up? Thanks in advance.


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I vote for amending the second law of thermodynamics to allow energy producing perpetual motion.

Seconded, but only if I’m the only one who can make it work.

I’m all in favor of abandoning nuclear power. It’s awfully cold around here and we could do with a boost of global warming. Join the More Coal Now! initiative for a warmer future.

Chernobyl only happened because a bunch of idiots in a country run by idiots deliberately sabotaged a reactor built by idiots. It’s a better argument against communism than against nuclear power.

The estimate I’ve heard is ~1,000. This is from an accident directly caused by a Magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that killed 20,000.

Hemp replacing nuclear, coal, and oil. Wow!

Sure! Once everyone’s too stoned to go to work, energy consumption will drop drastically.

But how will that make weed legal?

Just trust in Zeus mon and he will do it.

It’s the gummit, man! Da gummit and big oil keeping us down!

Abandon nuclear
Grow Hemp

It’s actually worse than the OP suspected - best estimate are that only 21% of Japan is habitable. Of course, this is due primarily to the extreme terrain relief. I’m not sure what the connection with nuclear power is. Are there proposals to use nuclear devices in mountain leveling projects?

Source: commonly asserted fact, found in this (PDF) and elsewhere.

That doesn’t address the coverup either, unless the coverup is that the ratio is so extreme.

I hereby nominate this as funniest GD post of the week.

By some back of the envelope calculations using the factors for efficient wood burning (think industrial sawdust, which is generous for burning hemp) and using some figures for nuclear power from, to replace the 367 GW of nuclear capacity worldwide would result in an additional 15.6 tons of SO2 being put in our atmosphere every hour for an addition of 137,120 tons more SO2 per year. The numbers don’t look much better for any of the other major pollutants (PM, NOX, CO, or CO2)

Perhaps I was mistaken, but I thought the idea was that half of Japan had become uninhabitable due to the recent unpleasantness with the tsunami, and that was what was covered up.


I agree that that was the original, bad idea. I was just amused that in this case the hysterical ravings did not go far enough to even account for baseline habitability of the islands.

How many posts until we never hear from the OP again? I predict just the original post, but perhaps someone would like to stick their neck out and go with 2 or 3 total posts?

I blame Godzilla.


Not to sounds too stupid but… is that a lot? One bit of googling tells me that China is releasing 20 million tons of SO2 each year, but I’m not sure the source is accurate or if I’m reading it correctly.

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