Nuclear Waste from The Bikini Islands

Okay. I know I’m probably missing the thread which will answer my question but I did a search (I am doing that more often) and didn’t find an answer to this:

Did the US at any time send ships into this string of islands to test the effects of nuclear fallout from weapons that we test-detonated there, and if so, how was it justified to the sailors at the time?

My reason for asking is that a friend of mine had a co-worker who was a sailor on one of these ships, and he recently died of a cancer that ate away most of his nose and other areas of his body. Until he died, the man supposedly claimed that his death was due to being ordered to set sail for these islands.

I also recently read a news item in which a Russian pilot was ordered to fly his Badger bomber through nuclear dust to see what the effects would be on him and his crew.

Please set me straight on any historical inaccuracies I may have unknowingly committed.


An abstract from Health Physics of an article titled “MORTALITY OF VETERAN PARTICIPANTS IN THE CROSSROADS NUCLEAR TEST” says

The Navy’s FAQs about Operation Crossroads can be seen here: