Nukes & the Taliban

does afghanistan have access to nuclear weaponry? their latest statement telling the U.S. to expect “revenge” if any action is taken against them has got me a little freaked out for fear of nuclear holocaust. what is the probability of them having nukes, and to what capacity?

The Taliban don’t have a great deal of expertise in high energy physics or any of the other disciplines required to produce an atom bomb. But their backers in Pakistan do. I’m thinking their only chance is for rogue elements in the ISI to work on their behalf in the delivery and detonation of such a device.e

Mersavets is correct in stating that the Taliban does not have nuke capability, but Pakistan does. However, Pakistan has condemned the attacks and pledged support to any action the US takes. I imagine that support would dissolve if the US used nukes first, but I can’t imagine the US would ever do that.

From what I’ve read, the Taliban seems to be promising a sustained terror campaign against US interests. Apparently, they haven’t noticed that there already is a sustained terror campaign against US interests.

This will hopefully be their Waterloo. Just about every nation on Earth (Muslim or otherwise) has issued the strongest condemnation of the bombings.

I’ll close this thread because it is already being discussed in another current thread. I direct any remaining unanswered questions to the earlier thread, Does Afghanistan have nuclear weapons.

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