Numb3rs - this Friday!

Just a reminder for those who might not have remembered, but this Friday CBS is airing the season premier of Season 2 of Numb3rs. I’m eager to see how they handle what’s-her-face departing.


They might not even mention it. She wasn’t in the last couple of episodes from last season, was she?

I like the show, though it isn’t one that I get quite as spastic about as, say, Veronica. Thank god.

Why’d she leave?
And why’d the female NCIS agent leave?

I like that new girl will apparently be the math skeptic that they desperately needed in the first season.

Someone who can say “You are going to come up with an equation that tells us where the murder weapon is? Okay, you do that… I am going to go out and actualyl do some detecting.”

I’ve been meaning to check the show out – what’s put me off is the moronic fad of substituting a numeral for a letter in the title.

Did they even acknowledge why Lake left?

As for the NCIS agent, actress Sasha Alexander apparently begged to be written out because the show was too much work for her.

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