Number of U.S Soldiers killed in Iraq exceeds death toll of 9/11

This belongs in nowhere else but the pitt. Bush has now officially killed more of our own (admitedly indirectly, but still the direct consequence of his decision making) than Osama Bin Ladin. I hope we feel really good about ourselves now. Although the Bible that Bush says he believes in says “Do no repay evil with evil”… well, try not to think about the contradictions. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Look, I don’t usually participate in discussions about internal US debates. But this post had overflowed my BS meter. It’s one thing to oppose the war, but totaly another to blab such nonsense.
Your argument is similar to claiming that Roosevelt “killed” more Americans than the Japanese, because the US casualties in WWII exceeded the casualties of Pearl-Harbour.

No, I do not equate Iraq-war to WWII!

That is incorrect. The combined death toll for U.S Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan is now equal to that of 9/11.
At the current death rate of 2.57/day, it’ll be another 3 months or so before the number of U.S. Soldiers killed in Iraq exceeds the death toll of 9/11.

You may not have equated the Iraq war to WWII, but you did a damn fine job of… equating the Iraq war to WWII.

No. I equated the stupidity of these two claims.

Re: 9/11 are we taking American citizens killed or are we talking amount of people killed on 9/11.

Americans made up the vast majority on that day but lots of other nations lost people as well. It was Britain’s biggest loss to terrorism in one day for example. Two Irish citizen died IIRC.

Another victim of the SDMB Analogy Disease.

Not at all. The Japanese started the war with us, therefore our people who were killed are dead because of them, not Roosevelt. The war in Iraq is an aggressive war of conquest, with 9-11 being the excuse, not a valid reason. Therefore, all the deaths on both sides in Iraq are Bush’s fault, because they would not have happened without him and are completely unnecessary.

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I refer the honourable gentleman to my earlier, largely-ignored rant on this very topic.

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If you count civilian casualties, the death toll LONG surpassed 9/11.

Ah, but those are Iraqis and don’t count.

Hm. Missed that one. But I’m going to stick to my guns here.


*equate: to reduce to an average; make such correction or allowance in as will reduce to a common standard of comparison.

analogy: a form of reasoning in which one thing is inferred to be similar to another thing in a certain respect, on the basis of the known similarity between the things in other respects. *

Our common standard of comparison, in this case, is the fact that both WWII and Iraq are martial actions (our common standard of comparison, meeting the definition of equation). Since WWII was obviously not a mass murder of American soldiers by the American government, the argument goes, Iraq is obviously not a mass murder of American soldiers by the American government. It is an analogy, and it only works if the equation war = war holds true.

This does, of course, hold true only if one’s position is that a war waged for either just or unjust means, by a legitimate government, is never murder. Or is the argument that there is some similarity between WWII and Iraq that is not shared by other wars?

The argument is that there is a dissimilarity between WWII and the Invasion of Iraq; enough so that the two do not invite comparison.

I understand the irony of your response, Dir Trihs, but the numbers also don’t include those killed in car accidents, construction accidents, etc.

The day will come, however, when there will be no more excuses for Bush’s having been responsible for the deaths of more Americans in Iraq than the number of human beings that were killed on 9-11. (Yes, they were of many nationalities.) He is also responsible for the deaths of those in the forces of the coalition. Their governments depended on the intelligence presented to them.

Why do 75% of the people in our armed forces in Iraq still believe they are avenging the deaths on 9-11?

Don’t care. When I was employed by the Feds I signed up with the knowledge that I might end up spindled, bent or lacerated.

In the military it’s part of your job to accept the fact that you may choke out the end of your life as a torso seeping gallons of donor blood. You are a weapon. War uses you like I use a pencil.

Yeah, it’s not like they’re valuable innocent life, like blastocysts.

I wish they’d put this on a recruiting poster.