Number Puzzle

When Zelda went to work, the company assigned her a password - a series of five different digits - to use when she logged onto her computer. She was to memorizae it, not write it down. Zelda decided to invent a reminder, but all she cam eup with was that the sum of the first two digits was exactly twice the sum of the last four, and the sum of the three digits in the middle was twice the sum of the last two.

This morning, Zelda forgot the password. Can you reconstruct it?

Not enough coffee to think too good yet, but I’ll take a shot at it.


Belay my last… sum of the last FOUR, not two… I’m getting more coffee.

Okay, this looks a little better.



Xploder said “five different digits”. I think this means the 1’s cannot repeat

Post puzzle hi-jack–

So my girlfriend says: “It’s a beautiful day outside. Get off that computer and come out and walk the dog with me.”

It indeed is beautiful today, slmost 60 degrees and sunny. As we walk along my girlfriend talks to me about the garden she’s planning for us, and about work next week. (At least I think that’s what she was talking about…) Anyway, about a half mile up the street I look at her and say, “93102!”

She looks at me like I’m crazy, but then we walk and talk for a while. As we pass a couple of greenhouses I suddenly think: “Hey, that might be an idea for a puzzle!” Then I’m lost in thought for the rest of the walk.

Is anyone else out there puzzle obsessed? Is there any help for those who love us?

No repeating numbers… I gotta quit trying to think in the mornings, that’s all there is too it… sheeesh…

You’re right - 93102. Good job.