Numbered Names

Okay, so some of the Romans weren’t too creative with their childrens’ names. Octavian being the eights and Trices being the third, does anyone know what names come from other numbers? Dixon for ten? Just curious. Thanks.

Quentin = fifth


Augustus & Septimus.

[sub]I’m at sixes and sevens.[/sub]

A guy I went to high school with went by “Trey”, since he was George William the Third. I thought that was neat.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think “Seven of Nine” came from the number 7 and the number 9.

I could be wrong but shouldn’t that be Sextus & Septimus?

I’m suitably embarrassed.

I was tired. And because August was the sixth month of the Roman Calendar I was also confused. It’s named after the Emperor isn’t it?

I can never answer a question about Roman numbers again.

Thank you, MonkeyMensch. :slight_smile: