Numbers in the bottom left of PBS shows

Sometimes I find myself flipping channels in the middle of the night and the 2 PBS stations I get are running some sort of educational-looking shows. Both shows have a number in the lower left, IIRC one was 6 and the other was 3. What are these numbers for?

That is the number of people Jack Bauer will kill if you don’t call and make a donation.

My PBS station shows programs late at night that are actually part of community college courses. I assume you can either watch them and discuss them in class, or use the show in tandem with a workbook. There’s a notice before each show that says you can use them for college credit.

My guess is what you are seeing has to do with the shows not just being educational but being part of an actual cirriculum.

I don’t think so, the number didn’t seem to have any relevance to what was being shown, and it stayed on the screen.

You can always call your local PBS station and ask.