Numbness in my two fingers

Coming home form work today I noticed that the last two fingers of my left hand are numb. Not to the point that I cant move them, or that I have lost complete sensation, but it has lasted for a few hours. I do some work on the computer, and I thought it was some kind of pinched nerve, but I cant seem to alleviate the symptoms. Any suggestions? What could be wrong with my hand?

How bizarre - I have the same symptoms on the same fingers and hand.

My guess is also a pinched nerve. It’s feels like you’ve hit your funny-bone, right?

This has been bugging me for a couple of months, but not quite to the point where I’d schedule with my GP over it.

If my experience is any indication, we’re probably pretty much stuck with it. :mad:

IANAD, but this sounds like Guyon’s canal syndrome, where the ulnar nerve is pinched or compressed as it goes through Guyon’s canal in the wrist. I have this in both hands now due to long rides (60 mile/day commute) on my mountain bike. My understanding is that this is a common cycling ailment, especially on mountain bikes due to the lack of varied hand positions. Now that I have a road bike with drop handlebars, I don’t have any pressure on Guyon’s canal, I’m hoping that the numbness subsides over time.

Do you have a white-gold wedding ring? If so, it’s probably leprosy (cite)

Wait, it’s your left hand? Never mind.

I assume by “last two fingers” of your hand you mean the ones farthest from the thumb.

You should, of course, see a doctor.

Still, let me say that if someone does have ulnar nerve problems from it being compressed, the most likely site of the compression is at the elbow and not the wrist. Here is a nice link.

Thank you KG. That possibility is not nearly as horrifying as the one I initially envisioned.

Wow, that website was really actually informative. May I be so bold to ask where you might suggest people go to learn more about various medical problems that cover the topic as well as this one did? (talk about your long sentence!)

I have a peripheral neuropathy in both arms (neuropathies?), moreso in the left, and I get numbness and tingling in the fingers of my left hand. It can get very painful.

It has something to do with crappy myelin, apparently.

Of course, I had to see a family Dr., and a specialist that hooked me up to a nifty machine that passed electrical current through me to find this out, so, uh, you might want to make an appointment with someone. Electrocution isn’t really something you can do at home, ya know?

I’ve had this on-and-off for almost 20 years. I also have “tennis elbow” in both arms. Now I’m wondering if there’s some connection between the two.

It does not sound like Carpal Tunnel syndrome, because that hurts like hell.

It does sound like poor circulation, I know a few people who have the same symptons.

Recently I’ve been getting the same in the two smallest digits of both hands and both feet.

I’ve a fair idea what is wrong in my case, and use a Yoga trick that I was shown, try putting your arms and arms straight down and shaking your hands - as if you were trying to shake the numbness out of the ends of your fingers.

Medical threads about personal, specific problems are generally frowned upon here. See a doctor if it doesn’t get better. Closed.

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