Numismawhosis [Philatelists: looking for price on 1937 Hitler's birthday commemorative stamps]

Am I having a brain damage moment or is there a numismatist lurking here?

I need to find a price on some 1937 Semi Postal Hitler Birthday Commemorative sheet? there are 4 stamps per sheet, and 4 different sheets with a different picture per sheet.

As you can tell, not one of my hobbies, I am sure there is a technical name, but when I google I just get solo stamps.


Can’t help you, other than to suggest you seek out a philatelist rather than anumismatist.

samclem is a numismatist, but it seems that not what you’re looking for.

I’ll edit the thread title so people can figure out what you’re asking.

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In general, Hitler-era German stamps aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. But if you have full mint sheets (“souvenir sheets”), they might be worth something. I suggest you go to a library and look them up in a Scott’s Catalog.

BTW, Hitler ordered the Postal Department to put his picture on stamps . . . then charged them royalties for the use of his image.

Is this it? Nice price! (note that the stamps are imperforate and there is no surcharge added)

OTOH, if this is it, then the price is much less but still not bad (note that these stamps are perforated and there is what’s called a surcharge indicated)

If neither of these looks right, there are other variants of the same souvenir sheet on the same page that the above two are from.

Failing that, try this.

You can look at eBay auctions (and eBay Sold auctions).

One of each, perforated and unperforated - my father collected stamps in the 1930s [I think because of the boy sprout merit badge?] and had a whole bunch of stuff, including tax stamps, postage due stamps [one for $5 :eek: wonder what that was for!] and such. We are listing and sort of trying to get a ballpark figure because the box mostly survived the house fire, except there was a fair amount of smoke and a little water damage so it needs to be on the claim. On the other hand, my Roman imperial gold coin survived, can’t tell it spent several months buried in ash. We joke it was recreating living in Pompeii for the last couple of thousand years =)

I have:

Scott # B102, dark green, perf 14, 6 pf
Scott # B103, dark green, imperf, 6 pf + 25 pf
Scott # B104, dark green, perf 14 and roulette, 6 pf + 25 pf with inscription

From the Scott Catalog, 1977

Scott # B 106, dark green, perf 14 and roulette, inscribed and overprinted