Nurses and Sex - Not a Myth?

Always thought the stories about sexy nurses was a myth. The times I’ve been hospitalized there was nothing going on. Recovering from surgery, the last thing I wanted was physical activity. :slight_smile:

Apparently things are a bit different in the Netherlands. :slight_smile:

:eek: :eek: My mom’s a nurse. I can imagine her reaction to a horny patient. :smiley: He’d be castrated.

We live in a funny world. Those Dutch guys actually expect sex in the hospital? Here’s your pills and a hand job sir. :dubious:

Actually it would be funny if the female nurse steps out and , lol, Boris steps in to administer the required services.


[Punchline] Same condition, better health plan[/punchline]

If that’s socialized medicine, bring it on!!!

The demands sound absurd, but Sexy Nurses isn’t a myth. Just about every woman I dated was in the health care profession, including my wife, Pepper Mill.
as one of my engineering friends said, The Engineer’s Best Friend is the Nurse.

So that’s why, when I was in school, the medical secretaries* had their classroom just outside the electronics labs…and I thought the administration or fate or something were just taunting us.

*medical secretaries and engineering technologists… it was one level down from nurses and engineers.

'Scuse me? If you’re DATING a nurse, she (or he) may well be sexy, but on the job? Or for patients? You’re raving. And wrong. :rolleyes:

I’d say those Dutch guys have quite the nerve. Most male pts I have had have been civil, deferential and polite. I took care of one young guy who was beside himself because I had to catheterize him (why escapes me, but we cathed much more frequently back in the day). He was embarrassed and agitated about it. But I was the only nurse on duty (this was back in the day) at 0300, so we got through it. In my time as a nurse, I’ve mostly been hit on by male visitors to the hospital, usually they are either missing teeth or have plenty of gold ones. They also tend to reek of patchouli and have Bryl Cream in their hair. <shudders>

I have had male pts attempt to sexually harass the techs, younger nurses or aides, but if and when that happens, they get to deal with me; they tend to straighten up fairly quickly. :mad:

IF what this article says is true, those nurses are not acting professionally or ethically. I find it hard to believe that they would have sex with a pt, but odder things have happened.

God I love the Dutch.

And for the record, I completely agree with them.

Which article where, now?

Please read more carefully. I said it was wrong.

Nowhere does this say it’s “wrong”. What’s it and what’s wrong? You make it sound like Sexy Nurses (on duty) isn’t a myth. I know you’re wrong about that, but do you know it?

The article linked in the OP. :confused:

I thought the myth had declined as nurses changed from starched whites to scrubbies

A Google Image search under “nurse porn” semi-confirms this: nurse porn is alive and well, but the models all wear uniforms straight out of A Farewell to Arms. (and by the way, although that fellow seems to enjoy your finger inserted there, doing it without a glove is not proper aseptic technique, sister.)

A lot of the work nurses do can be painful. I wouldn’t want to upset the person fixing my clogged IV, changing a surgical dressing, or other treatments.

My IV went bad twice the last time I was in the hospital. It usually takes several sticks to get a new one in. I was cursed with veins that are hard to find. So, I definitely wouldn’t do anything to annoy my nurse.

What about the head nurse?

According to the story that’s told, when Bing Crosby was in the hospital to have his appendix removed the nurse gave him a blowjob. After he told Bob Hope about it, Hope arranged to have his own appendix removed, and at the same hospital, just so he could get blown by the same nurse.

The article says: “A union representing Dutch nurses will launch a national campaign Friday against demands for sexual services by patients who claim it should be part of their standard care.” (bolding mine)
You say: “IF what this article says is true, those nurses are not acting professionally or ethically.”
I totally disagree with you and am surprised you would be saying that. That’s all.

My mom’s in her 50s and she’d get harassed by some of her [del]patients[/del] clients (& being in home health she was often alone in the house with the patient). Apparently SOP is to document everything in the daily paperwork; the supervisors will then contact the family and/or attending physician (I assume because of potential dementia). Depending on how that goes the next step is to only send male aids or nurses. Because there are far fewer males working at the agency this can translate stuff like the agency not being able to honor requests regarding the time of the visit (ie they the aid may only be able to come at 3pm instead of 9:30am) and/or fewer visits in general. The last case scenario is for the director to schedule a meeting with the familiy (at the office, never at home) and politely tell them that the agency can no longer meet their needs, and they’ll have to hire another agency.

I was surprised when she told me that almost none of the female clients or their families object to male nurses or aids, but they do get alot of older male clients who refuse to have anything to do with them. I wasn’t surprised to hear families tend to get really hostile when told find another agency. Hostile to the point of the director having to have security escort them out of her office.

Can’t miss her… She’s wearing knee pads.

I just knew that that one hot nurse wanted me. I KNEW IT!

I recently had an appendectomy, and hadn’t showered for a couple days…but when she was checking on my (she said surgical, I knew she meant sexual) scars , I just knew she wanted a piece of my unwashed, limp cock. Having just had the catheter removed, I’m certain when she said “burning” she meant for me, not the feeling I was getting from pissing…

I mean, what woman wouldn’t? If it wasn’t in post-anesthetic shock (SHRINKAGE), it’d be almost seven inches long!

I’m a dream, a catch! Suck it in the ER, baby!