Nutbag Sandy Hook Denying Tenured Professor finally fired

Justice is finally served. I suppose tenure protected him up to now.
Florida Professor Who Cast Doubt on Mass Shootings Is Fired

You do know that his firing had nothing to do with his idiotic views, right? From your link:

Now, the official reason is “failure to submit paperwork”… But I somehow doubt that the kooky views of the professor in question did have zero influence on the decision to fire him.

The University probably couldn’t fire him because of his tenure… And must have been looking hard for some excuse (ideally tenure-related) to get rid of him.

It’s not uncommon that the reason a person is fired and the stated reason a person is fired are not the same thing at all.

Good riddance. People like this are inhumanly cruel. Did you see where he was using one of the dead children’s pictures on his blog and accused the parents, in a certified letter, of faking their own son’s death, and actually being actors and not even having a child?

And I too agree that the reason for his firing is not the same as the cause for firing. Isn’t the famous of Al Capone being arrested for failure to pay income taxes?

What?! And all those guys aren’t “stepping down to spend more time with their families”?! :wink:

This could be a good career move for ex-Prof. Tracy.

He can now make paid appearances and sell books on the basis that he was persecuted and fired for Speaking Truth To Power.

Ex-TV news correspondent Sharyl (“My Stuck Delete Key Means My Computer Was Hacked!”) Attkisson is a prime example of this phenomenon.

Of course not, silly! Some of them are “pursuing other opportunities”.

Yeah the opportunity to collect the golden handshake … having been paid to leave…

The guy’s utterly reprehensible.

But firing somebody for doing something that’s got zippo to do with his job performance is BS. Especially when it amounts to chilling his *off-duty *free speech, idiotic and hateful thought it may be.

If he spent his off-duty time dissing his employer that’d be utterly different. Likewise if he couldn’t conduct classes because his off-duty behavior had attracted so much controversy that classes were disrupted with protest and media and the whole circus.

That’d be a clear cut fireable offense for failure to do the job. This, not so much.
The good news is the guy is enough of a me-first wacko that he finally gave them enough rope to plausibly hang him with.

As a Union worker we have a saying: “Live by the contract; die by the contract.” IOW, if you want to hold management’s feet to the fire on legalistic technicalities, you’d better be damn sure your own technicalities are in perfect order. Lest ye be smitten by them. In accordance with the contract.

No, that’s bullshit. Part of any employee’s job is to not make their employer look like a complete jackass. He was an embarrassment to the university and had to be removed.

I don’t know. At my university, we had (and stlll have) a Holocaust denier (Arthur Butz) who is an electrical engineering professor. I thought the whole point of academic tenure was intellectual freedom. The university president (who is Jewish himself), at the time, said: “Butz is a tenured associate professor in electrical engineering. Like all faculty members, he is entitled to express his personal views, including on his personal web pages, as long as he does not represent such opinions as the views of the University. Butz has made clear that his opinions are his own and at no time has he discussed those views in class or made them part of his class curriculum. Therefore, we cannot take action based on the content of what Butz says regarding the Holocaust - however odious it may be - without undermining the vital principle of intellectual freedom that all academic institutions serve to protect.”

I tend to be on the side of the professor in this case, but it appears the university fired him for other reasons, at least officially.

I concur. It would be like any poster on this board being fired from their jobs because the company didn’t like what was posted by them. Let that happen, and see how many of the self-righteous here would call that ‘justice’.

I don’t understand why the prof couldn’t’ve been canned for one of his actions which did directly relate to his asinine “conspiracy theory”; to wit: harassing the parents of one of the murdered children.

Was he harassing the parents as a FAU professor or as a private asshole?

Doesn’t really matter, does it? AIUI, harassment can be a crime. His level of doucheitudinal harassment certainly appears to me to be at the criminal level. Profs can be canned for criminal behavior, right?

I agree that he’s reprehensible. But he brings that to the job and his students. What kind of teacher can he be if he believes in utter bullshit?

It has much more than ‘zippo’. His thoughts showed that he may very well be imbalanced. For a teacher/professor that is certainly a reason to fire him. It shows a complete disconnect from reality.

If you LSL, as a big iron driver held such beliefs, a complete disconnect from reality, I would be concerned about getting on your plane.

Given some of the quotes in the article, wasn’t he effectively, even if not legally, libeling them too?

I would be real worried about anybody with such loonie beliefs doing my job too.

Although I have worked with a few CT enthusiast / survivalist types. Not way out there, but well off the mainstream.

My employer has written policies that give them leave to fire you over anything you do that puts them in a bad light in public. If that prof worked for my employer in any capacity, even janitor, he’d have been unemployed the same day his behavior made its first headline.
My “defense” is aimed at the special case of college professors. (Although I didn’t say that in my first post so you couldn’t have known that.)

In our society they, like journalists, occupy a special place that deserves extra freedom from suppressive oversight. Which of course means more risk of loonies, fringe science, and yellow journalism having a pulpit. But what we get as a free society in return from academic and press freedom is well worth it. Given the relatively small number of loonies.

Ideally their extra freedom would give them an extra sense of responsibility as well. Humans being what they are, that’s usually true but not always.

Well, there’s the whole bit about this particular loon actually harassing the parents of one of the murdered children. That’s not academic freedom.