Nutmeg: Powerful Hallucenogen or Sickly Spice?

A few days ago, my cinnamon post got tottally hijacked by a buncha nutmeg junkies. But I think the nutmeg subject warrents its own post.
Apparently, nutmeg has a very powerful effect on the body and mind.
Reeder stated:

Others said they just felt very sick.

So my question is whats up with nutmeg? Is it really cause hallucenations or just somthing you get suckered into to feel sick.
And to those adventuresome enough to try it, how much did you have to consume before seeing effects?


Yes, nutmeg contains a hallucinogenic drug called myristicin.

I’ve known a few overly-adventurous types that tried it once. Doesn’t sound like much fun.

A quick Google search would have turned up plenty of information. Here’s Erowid’s Nutmeg Vault, which includes a Nutmeg Factfile and a Nutmeg FAQ. To make a long story short: yes, it has hallucinogenic properties, but with a lot of unpleasant side-effects. Definitely not recommended.

I regret to say that I tried to obtain a nutmeg buzz when I was a callow teenager.

Nausea, coupled with the sort of mild delerium you’d expect from a nasty flu.

The next day I could barely move – my bones hurt, light hurt, everything hurt. Didn’t feel 100% for a few days.

This was from two tablespoons (rounded) of commercially prepared ground nutmeg.

Former B.C. Premiere Bill Vanderzalm has said (in the food section of the Weekend Sun) that his favourite breakfast was pancakes with whipped cream and lots of nutmeg, and that he usually ate the nutmeg off the top first, adding a little more, eating that, etc, several times before finally getting around to eating the pancakes.

If you were around for B.C. politics in the eighties, you might be inclined to think there was something to the idea that nutmeg could get you high.

I don’t know if my nasty experience was from adulterants, or what-- I’ve heard people say “No, man, you gotta use fresh nutmeg!”

Whatever-- I’m just about as likely to soak my head in lye as try that again. Ick.

No no no…it’s the Brandy (you put in the egg nog with fresh ground nutmeg on top) that causes hallucenations. :wink:

I’ve heard that it’s better to use mace instead of nutmeg. Mace is the outer shell of nutmeg, and reportedly contains a different drug – elemicin instead of myristicin. Supposedly the side-effects are milder. The taste is just as nasty, though.

A word of caution to those who feel they must experiment: the lethal dose of nutmeg is not much higher than the “recreational” dose. We’re talking about a few spoonfuls’ difference here.

Egg flan with goat cheese, spinach and nutmeg is better than any drug.