Nutrasweet & low-carb diets

Does anyone know if Nutrasweet (aspartamine) triggers the dreaded “insulin reaction” that people on low-carb diets are trying to avoid? Does it trigger carbohydrate craving either physicaly or psychologicaly? I’m trying to cut back on sugar and white flour, but I need to know if the 60 ounces a day of decaf diet Pepsi needs to go too.

As an older person with Diabetes -2 it’s something I’ve never heard about.

As a regular user of “equal” I’ve acquired NO carbo cravings of any kind.

My lady wife and I eat out every day and I do not eat any breads or cakes or crackers,and don’t even miss them.

I also use aspartame sweetened non-caffiene colas with no negative results----

Check out this thread in Great Debates:

In between the flames there’s some good information.


Fairly large doses (I don’t know, a dozen cans, several dozen a day?) of nutrasweet soda could give a measurable carbohydrate craving.

I’m not so sure I agree with that. I’ve been on the “Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet” (as described in the book by Heller and Heller of the same name) for two weeks now and I don’t get any kind of cravings at all. Being a cheese fiend myself, I find the diet pretty damn easy since they ENCOURAGE you to eat a lot of that. Someone who previously ate a loaf of bread a day though is certainly going to find the diet hard for no reason other than the fact they are USED to eating a loaf a day.

I drink at least three Diet Cokes/ Pepsi Ones a day, and have noticed no difference in cravings. Mostly I just notice I get tired a lot faster these days. But for whatever it’s worth, in two weeks I’ve lost 6 pounds!