Nutrisweet/Gulf War Syndrome? Whoa...Deja Vu

Is it just me, or has this all been done before? Back in the old days, when I first got AOL, I discovered the joy of the Straight Dope columns. One of the first columns I ever read, and one of the only ones that I still remember, was about Nutrisweet causing Gulf War Syndrome.

Is there any way to check whether or not I’m imagining this? I’m kind of curious to see whether or not it’s a reprint. If so, are all the “columns of the day” reprints?

Just curious.
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Let’s try this again.

Given the column says:

“A Straight Dope Classic from Cecil’s storehouse of human knowledge”

and is dated: 29-Nov-1996

I’d say, yeah, it’s supposed to be a reprint. They’ve just tossed the classics and mailbags up with the main column.


Okay, now I just feel like a complete moron. Oh well, off to MPSIMS.

God, that was stupid.

I know this is nitpicking, but some of us people use diet products because we are diabetic. I, personally, am grateful for the stuff. I mean, before aspartame, sugar-free foods made cardboard seem appetizing. And some of the other sweeteners can cause problems. Sorbitol, used in some candies, makes me physically ill, in a gastro/intestinal way.
Aspartame makes it easier to eat somewhat of a ‘normal’ diet while still maintaining blood sugar control.

True spooje, sugar supplements are a great boon to people with blood sugar problems. But what percentage of Nutrasweet users are diabetics, and what percentage are just using it to keep from getting fat or to lose weight? I think that was Cecil’s point. Most are the second category.

Ah, yes. That’s “normal” as in “the same unhealthy crap everyone else sucks down, only with extra synthetic chemicals in place of the sugar.”

I’m still not reassured that the FDA doesn’t have a hidden agenda. I just found out that the FDA has been actively supressing informtaion about Stevia - the South American sweetener that has been used for YEARS in Japan and S. America with no known side effects. Does all this have anything to do with the rumors that there’s a new aspartame product coming out - more concentrated and much more valuable? It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you!