Nutritional info on 'homebrew' grain bags

I googled this but to no avail.

When homebrewing (beer), sometimes you have to soak grains in hot water to get the sugars/starches out. The grains are removed and the sugars/starched are later fermented. Normally the grains are discarded, but since I hate thorowing anything away, I decided to see if I could use them. I found them a acceptable replacement/additive for rice, especially when flavors are used (i.e. spanish rice, or chinese _____ fried rice). What I would like to know is what is left, nutritionally speaking. How many carbs, sugars, fiber, other?

Try them in home-made bread. I always used to dry my used grains, grind them fine and add them to the flour at no more than 15% of the total. Very nice…nutty, chewy and great for sandwiches. You’ve gotta figure that the only thing you really lose due to sparging is the sugars the enzymes have converted from the starches. The fiber,etc. should be the same.

Right, and the protein should be the same.

One brewpub/restaurant here in NYS uses their spent grain to make their pizza dough.