NUTS! CBS is canceling Instinct

The second season is apparently on “burn out”. They’ve doubled up episodes last week and this, and next week is it.

I am very unhappy about this. The show’s premise is interesting, the character interaction ranges from charming to intense, the slow reveal of backstory has been intriguing without over-saturating the main story. The relationship between Dylan and Andy (Alan Cumming and Daniel Ings) is loving and (mostly) realistic and downright cute. I mean, as realistic as you can be in an hour format where you’re not doing heavy arcing, but still, it’s been the stable heart of the whole show.

I’m so bummed I won’t get to see them be parents. I’m bummed I won’t get to see (maybe) Lizzie and Julian work things out.

This has not been a good weekend when it comes to favorite things for me. :frowning:

Nooooo! I love these kind of shows, and they’re all vanishing. The other one that I like, The Inbetween, is probably not getting a second season, judging by its low buzz and relative obscurity. Argh!

I know! I loved Unforgettable, too. At least, before they switched networks and recast the whole thing except for the two leads.

Yeah, I noticed the burn-off and knew what it meant.

The first season was okay. The second not even that good. Some of the good elements were lost, e.g., Whoopi.

Kept watching only because of Cumming. Novakovic looks like an actor. But have you watched her walk? It’s like Raquel Welch in the Seinfeld episode.

We watched about four or five episodes. And stopped. I like Alan Cumming – a lot – but this was pretty mediocre. The plots were lame and not very difficult to figure out. My favorite character was Gary. Not enough to keep me watching.

Oh, I love Cumming and his husband’s house. Again, not enough.

I was surprised it wasn’t canceled after the first season. I didn’t even start watching the second season.

Y’know, one of the things I like about Instinct is that it isn’t hard to figure out or follow. Sometimes you just want something that you don’t have to work at. For me, the show is more about the people than it is about the plot. I love the relationship between Andy and Dylan; it’s sweet. I like the relationship between Dylan and Lizzie, too. So often these partnerships are in the mold of Sherlock and Watson, but Dylan and Lizzie are equal partners. And, darn it, Alan Cumming is just charming. He’s so much fun to watch, and I’d like to keep watching.

I was willing to watch, but I wanted to like it more than I did. Dylan’s (Cumming’s) character never seemed to gel. He was supposed to be a top-notch CIA operative, but it never came across that way. I also had issues with Julian. Why is this person doing all of these extra-legal tasks for Dylan? The relationship with Lizzie also felt forced.

I’ll watch the rest of the second season anyway, but I understand why it got cancelled.

CIA agents (hell, any good agents of whatever service) are far more likely to come across as nebbishy and boring than they are as James Bond. You do not want to be noticed. You want to appear ordinary and uninteresting. What made Dylan effective was his ability to understand the enemy and to outthink them.

As for Julian, he and Dylan are friends who have worked together for a very long time, in situations where their lives literally depended on each other. If it doesn’t put him in danger, why not do a favor for a friend?

I have to admit that the relationship between Julian and Lizzie did seem to come out of nowhere.

I kept meaning to watch Instinct because I love Alan Cumming, but never got around to it. Finally watched my first episode last night and it was…okay. I was expecting more of his trademark snark. I still enjoyed it all right, but I felt like his character could have had so much more charisma than he did.

We really enjoy the show, and the way it lampshaded that stupid Moonlighting trope.

I bet Dylan didn’t see the end coming.


I watched all of S1 and a few episodes of 2. I found the quality of writing varied too much.

I would have been surprised if it hadn’t been canceled. I mean, the second season has been about as watchable as its first, but a struggling show like this needed to make a pretty substantial leap forward if it were going to earn more seasons. The relationship between Julian and Lizzie never got more interesting for me, the arc story the writers threw in wasn’t anything special, and I rolled my eyes when the baby Dylan and Andy wanted to adopt was, by sheer coincidence, being carried by the bartender working at Andy’s bar. It was fine while it lasted, but I won’t miss it much.