Nutter breaks the law, cops go along with it, DA won't prosecute...

…it’s just another day in the City of Brotherly Love.

Pennsylvania has preemption with respect to gun laws, so I don’t know how anybody could have expected this to go any other way. Nutter is going to lose, but that’s not stopping him and the City Council from trying a new, innovative approach. Get this:


It’s not every day you sue a legislative body for doing nothing, let alone following the laws of the state they are representing. Preemption is a done deal and it has stood scrutiny regularly. This is yet another fruitless lawsuit. But hey, at least they can stop and frisk people, because shaking people down for being in the wrong neighborhood is always the way to go, and with 65% support (i.e. the people NOT in the wrong neighborhoods) what could possibly go wrong?

Ah, Philadelphia. If only we could give Rendell back and build a gigantic wall around the city, things would be so much better. Alas, it is not to be. I’m sure we’ll see more from Nutter (and what an apropos name that is) in the future, so stay tuned.

Heh-it really doesn’t surprise me. Frank Rizzo has to be rolling in his grave over this crap.

How fast is he spinning and can we harness him for electrical generation?
Pretty much they’re going to lose. No sane and reasonable court is going to rule that an entity within a state can supercede state laws with their own.

Of course. However, this lets Nutter and the other do nothings in Philly government thump the tub and claim they’re getting tough on crime, while actually doing bupkis.

Not just for guns in PA