I got one! Yesterday! I was on depo, but hated it after the first three months, which were okay. It turned me into a crazy woman
Can’t put it in until Sunday, though - it goes on the same schedule as most regular pills, where you start on sunday.

So, I wear this ring for three weeks, then take it out for one week so I get my period, then start over again.

It’s more expensive than the pill ($24 for one ring/one month at Planned Parenthood - not sure if my insurance covers it, but I wanted to start this Sunday so I forked over the cash for it as I am going away this weekend and won’t be able to get to the pharmacy).

It seems odd that a little rubbery ring can protect me from pregnancy as well as the pill, but it has the same effectiveness rates, and uses the same hormones as most pills.

As a bonus, the lovely doctor at Planned Parenthood also wrote a prescription for Ortho Tricyclen so I don’t have to come back if I don’t like the ring.

Anybody else use this method? It sounded pretty good to me, the side effects are supposed to be comparable to ortho tricyclen, which I’ve used before with much success.

I used it for a while a year or so ago and didn’t have any problems once I figured out how to best get it up there. It helps if you squeeze it in the middle so it’s tall and skinny before you dive in.


Why did you stop using it, if you don’t mind my asking? I’ve used the Instead Cups during my period before, so I imagine insterting the ring isn’t much different than getting those up there.

I’ve been using the NuvaRing for almost two years now. I love it! When I was on the Pill I kept forgetting to take it. I’d seen my friends have unpleasant reactions to Depo Provera and Norplant, so I didn’t even want to try those.
The ring is great for me. No side effects, and my midwife gave me a little NuvaRing timer (do they still give those out?) that reminds me when to take the ring out and when to put the next one in.
I heartily endorse this b.c. method to anyone who asks.

I went off BC altogether for a bit, and then switched to Seasonale when I started back up because I dug the idea of only 4 cycles a year. If I ever decided to stop with the Seasonale though, the ring would be what I returned to.

I didn’t get the timer, but I didn’t ask - I’ve heard they come with an “intro pack”. I should be able to remember it as long as I keep a calender.

I tried it but the ring kept slipping and wound up where it wasn’t supposed to be. Very uncomfortable. I’d keep moving it back up and it would keep sliding down. Ah well. Back on the pill for me.

Not to be a downer, but you did ask for experiences.

I hated the Nuvaring with all my heart. It was my first experience with hormonal birth control and it will be my last*. I’m a bit… “off”… mentally, but I managed to find a nice balance of brain hormones and was feeling okay, until I started using the Nuvaring. I started feeling weird, then I plunged into a deep and horrible depression. I was convinced I was a cold-hearted bitch who was going to dump my boyfriend because I didn’t really love him and I’d soon break his heart because that is the kind of conniving, horrible, EVIL, heartless bitch that I really am. I seriously and honestly was convinced of this.

Then the anxiety and panic attacks came. I spent days completely nauseated and feeling like I had had about 30 cups of coffee in the span of a half hour. I was jittery, nervous, horribly bitchy, my stomach was in knots. I’d suddenly freak out and start hyperventilating while being convinced my entire world was going to crash around me. It was so bad that I almost called an emergency room on a Saturday night, just because I couldn’t take it anymore.

I took the thing out after a week. Within a couple weeks, almost everything was completely gone (except for some of the depression, which was due to stress from some horrible classes I had), so I know it was the hormonal birth control. It’s possible I could’ve gotten used to the hormones and the symptoms would’ve disappeared after a couple months, but that week was complete and utter hell. You couldn’t pay me enough to voluntarily chance that again.

  • Saving up for a copper IUD when I can

Some slight TMI- guys, you may want to skip. Although if you’re already in this thread, maybe it won’t bother you.
I’m currently on the pill, mostly to regulate all that stuff down there, but also as birth control (used with a condom as well, of course). Lately, however, I’ve been getting heavier periods and cramping, like I used to before I was on the pill (although at least I’m not still getting 2 week long periods!) I was thinking about asking my gynecologist to switch me to a different pill at my next appointment, but I might have to ask her about this. I like the idea of not having to take a pill every night, especially because taking it at the same time every day isn’t always easy or possible.

Does the Nuvaring get in the way during sex at all, though? What about with foreplay, such as fingering?

Also, ladies, I noticed that the Nuvaring web site is offering a free month of Nuvaring.

I experienced this too, but it started about 7 months after I began using NuvaRing. I almost left my saint of a fiance monthly for the next several months, and almost quit my PhD program (again, monthly) several times during that period of time. I was stressed out all of the time from my schoolwork, but the PMS was unbelievable. I thought I was losing my mind. I was going to just wait it out until my next yearly exam, and then go back to the pill, and made sure that I was taking my vitamins in the meanwhile. Mother of all surprises, the problems (except for graduate school, but that’s another topic) went away after about a month of conscientious vitamin use. So for now, I take my vitamins, and love my NuvaRing, and will be getting married soon.

monica, I haven’t found that it interferes much with sex. Sometimes it pinches a little, depending on my position (TMI? sorry). We occasionally take it out for a few minutes for the fun times … the user info said that it would could be replaced without worries of loss of efficacy as long as it was not out for more than 3 hours.

I tried it for several months, and didn’t much care for it. I liked the idea of it…put it in for three weeks, not having to think about a daily birth control. But like Rubystreak, mine kept slipping down during normal everyday activities. I didn’t have any side effects that I could tell, and my fella couldn’t feel it during sex. I eventually went back to Ortho-Tricyclen. Thinking about going on the patch…