NVidia Firewall blocking Wikipedia

I googled for a solution, only to find others having similar problems with other sites, yet no real solution.

I use the NVidia firewall, which is integrated on the chip. I’ve been noticing some sites don’t finish loading, and other sites, like wikipedia, cannot be accessed at all, regardless of browser. Turn off the firewall and I can access the sites on any browser.

I know others have experienced this issue; what I don’t know is how to get around it. Any clues from the Dope for me?

Thank you in advance.

Single bump for the daytime crowd. Anyone have any clues?

If it were me, I’d disable the NVidia firewall and install the free Zone Alarm, instead. I’ve been using ZA for the past 6 years, and to date the only intrusions I’ve had have been those rare times I’ve turned it off.

Q.E.D., that’s option 2. I’m very familiar with Zone Alarm; prior to our newest nVidia motherboards, the whole family used it.