I really don’t consider myself a “conspiracy theorist” or anything, but I’ve been hearing more and more about a New World Order or a One-World Government. Some people I have talked to have hinted that they believe that these events of the past week will bring about the One-World Government.

My question is: what the hell is a One-World Government? And if one is brought about, what advantages does this give to it’s leaders? I mean, if the “powers that be” are already in power, then what do they have to gain from it? What are the advantages? How much power do they possibly need?

Is it all just bulls@#t bravado and posturing? “I’m the king of the world! Bow down to me!” Is that what it’s all about? Sounds like a big insecurity problem to me.

I’ll believe we will have a One World Government just as soon as I see the following people sit down to dinner together:

Israel and Palestine.
Northern Ireland and Ireland.
China and Taiwan.
North Korea and South Korea.
The Taliban and the entire rest of the world.

Well, the conspiracy theorists believe the entire globe already is under control of one big single conspiracy, encompassing the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and sometimes even the Freemasons. They believe those obscure groups (of which most actually exist and are not so obsure at all) form a secret world government, giving out orders to any formal political organ. It’s nonsense, but people believe that.

The plans for establishing a real formal one-world government ruling the World Republic are frozen AFAIK. It would mean all the nations in the world (or at least most of them) would give up their sovereignty and join together to form a new state. It has been a dream for long, long time, but every organ that had the claim to be something similar to this or at least to improve ccoperation among the peoples failed in doing so. Examples are the League of Nations or the UN, which do not have too much real power and mostly restrict themselves on passing out resolutions without real effect. I don’t think the September 11 events will change that. Neither a federally organized nor a centralized world state will come up within a reasonable time (say, 200 years or so).
It would not bring any advantage to the leaders, but to mankind, which would be united under one government. The leaders actually oppose to those plans, they would lose power instead of gain new one.

To have a one world government, there would probably first have to be one economic system.

I myself am a conspiracy theorist, and there are a few points that i feel must be made. 1) The New World Order is not a clearly defined agenda among all of us, any more than the Warren Commission being full of shit defines who the real assassins were among theorists. 2)The NWO or one world government will be more or less a coalition, kind of the same way that the association of governors in the USA is, i.e., no one is the real boss, but you can bet that it ain’t “the people”, and 3) when you think of the Korean war, you can see that any such group like any NWO or the UN can indeed screw up a lot of things for a lot of people, but again, the ones controlling it will not suffer too greatly! 4)Why do it? For NWO leaders, power and money…THEN the ego trip!

You guys have it all wrong. The New World Order conspiracy is all about how the world is going to be taken over by professional wrestlers.

nash, professional? puh-lease…

Unfortunately, this is the least likely to happen of all those you list. The Koreas suffered a very messy divorce, with a great deal of protracted bickering. This left them extremely bitter about each other in a personal and psychosexual way not found among the other couples you mention. In a final act of retalliation, in fact, the former Mrs. Korea has gone back to using her maiden name and is now properly addressed as North Haverbrook.

Hollywood made a great movie about it, but per their usual editorial policies, “happied up” the ending. Sadly, in real life, South did not wind up as the cross-dressing host of an afternoon kiddie show, though North has moved on and, yes, is dating again. Just another twist of the knife in South’s back, really.

Hope this helps.


Ooh, ooh! Don’t forget the bankers! Everybody says the bankers are involved, too! I think my next promotion will be to Super Secret Assistant World Domination Trainee!

In this thread from earlier this year, we attempted to get to the way that they are organized: