Ny 117

Is route 117 in New York a limited access highway? Wikipedia claim that is starts out as one and ChcCha said pretty much the same thing (almost verbatim), but my friends say that it can’t be one and every map that I have seen say it’s not one. Who is right?

Where is it? I thought I knew the New York highway system reasonably well, and I’m finding nothing but a variety of county route 117s. Do you by chance mean route 17, much of which is also interstate 86 now?

Route 117 is in Westchester, running from Sleepy Holllow to Mt Kisco (I think).

Google maps shows that for the first two miles there isn’t any entrance or exit, except for something that looks like a rest stop or highway repair depot, so maybe that’s what it means by “starts off as a limited access highway”?