NY AG sues NRA alleging massive fraud

"At a press conference announcing the lawsuit, filed in state court in Manhattan, James said that a pattern of law-breaking had “contributed to the loss of more than $64 million.”

“The central figure behind this scheme was none other than [NRA Executive Vice President] Wayne LaPierre,” James said.

The lawsuit names LaPierre as well as three other executives as defendants."

Good. The NRA has pretty clearly been a money-swindling scam for years, if not decades.

May the NRA rest in pieces. Break it up, sell the assets and donate to charity. Turn their headquarters into I don’t know the Hillary Clinton Museum. Hope LaPierre winds up doing some serious time.

Obviously politically motivated prosecution. Which does not mean that there are not tax or other financial problems–I don’t know.

Oakminster, that post is just-- kisses fingers.

You don’t know whether there are tax or financial problems. But without knowing that, you do know that the prosecution is politically motivated.

I cannot imagine a better satire of politically motivated behavior.

Can’t help but think this is going to drive a lot of conservatives to vote in November who maybe weren’t going to.

While dissolving the NRA is certainly something that I’m not against, could this not wait until after the election?

Or you could, you know, read the OP’s linked article.

Like, read about the prosecution. LaPierre has, for years, been funnelling money to their ad firm which has in exchange been paying for private jet flights, family vacations for the LaPierres, designer suits, and more. $70 million spent through the ad firm for public relations in just two years, much of which went to such expenses.

The treasurer retired after arranging a $1.8 million consulting contract to teach the new treasurer the ropes. The new treasurer said he’d never heard of the contract or received any services from the old treasurer.

The NRA has been known to be a financial disaster for a few years now. This case is surprising only in the depth of the depravity. To declare it “politically motivated” without knowing about the details–good lord.

FYI, here is the actual complaint filed by the attorney general (169-page PDF warning).

Bullshit. If you don’t think a Dem in fucking NY suing to dissolve the NRA isn’t political, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. The motivation to “dissolve the NRA” is obvious.

I know the fucking ALLEGED details. A complaint is not evidence. Nothing has been proven. Only a window licking moron takes the allegations in a complaint at face value.

Sure, try to sell me that bridge. I’d like to read the details of the sale, first, because I like to know what the hell I’m talking about before I talk about it.

My statement, considered fairly, means that I do not know if the allegations in the goddamn complaint are true or not. Stop twisting them into some bullshit that fits your agenda. A complaint is just one side of a lawsuit. Allegations and facts are different things.

Sounds like Oliver North of all people was at least a moderating influence, before he was ousted.

If I was an NRA member, I’d be pissed big time. A lot of these people don’t have a lot of money, but they dutifully pony up their dues every year because they believe it helps their cause. Now they find out their leadership has been living very high on the hog with their dues. I’m sure some will say “who cares as long as I keep my guns?” but will the majority of members be willing to look the other way?

It’s politically motivated. How is a state going to disolve a global organization?

I think the NRA is incorporated in NY, which, in theory, could give NY the authority to dissolve the corporation and otherwise create havoc among the organizational structure. If dissolved, I suspect they’d likely re-incorporate elsewhere, possibly under another name, and proceed with business as usual, perhaps after filing some openings in upper management.

I’m not an NRA member–which will probably surprise some people here. To a certain extent, I’m jaded to the point that I think many, possibly even most, large non-profit entities, are corrupt at the highest levels of management. I don’t particularly care one way or the other. I wasn’t giving them money before today, I won’t be giving them money after today. My charitable donations tend to go to animal rescue groups.

Wonder who the NRA hires to defend them. Probably not a Dem but who knows?

No doubt they’ll hire Mad Rudy.

I’m available. Not licensed in NY, but could probably get admitted pro hoc vice. And I know they can afford me…