NY-area dopers: Easter?

Moon Unit and I are going to go to New York (Manhattan of course) next weekend. The plan is to either go Friday morning, stay over and return late Saturday, or go Saturday and return late Sunday.

Then I remembered: a lot of places around here close up tighter than a drum on Easter Sunday.

Do businesses and museums in NYC typically close on Easter Sunday? I’d hate for us to have a big day planned, and half of the stuff turn out to be closed.

Not that I recall. I checked and The Met is open.

Forgot to reply earlier but thanks!

The only place we wanted to go, that was closed, was the Nintendo store. Oh well. The Toys R Us had limited hours on Sunday (noon to 6 instead of whatever their norm was) but that didn’t affect us. Everything else, we either saw Saturday or it was open when we went Sunday.