NY Gov Spitzer Admits Involvement in Prostitution Ring

The New York Times is reporting that NY Governor Eliot Spitzer has told his senior aides that he was involved in a prostitution ring. As is almost always the case, his decision to come clean about this was after months of wrestling with his conscience (oh, and after the ring was busted and his name was about to be made public).

I think it’s a crying shame. I don’t know what the salary paid to the governor of New York is, but if he felt he had to supplement his income with prostitution, it obviously needs to be increased. I wonder what kind of rates he was getting?

Sounds like he was a customer not a leader, but more is coming out now. Gov. Spitzer the “steamroller” perhaps the “hypocrite” may be more appropriate.

Although it wasn’t stated as a fact, the article says he was a customer of the prostitution ring.

And what’s the debate?

What’s the over/under on the number of days until his resignation?

I’ll take within 30 minutes. If the reports are right, he is being indicted, resignation would follow I would guess.

Resolved: Democrats are morally better than Republicans because at least they get caught in heterosexual sex scandals.


It’s NY and he’s a Democrat. This just goes on his resume to show he hires women for positions of power (well some kind of position anyway).

Seriously, who in NY politics is going to ask for his head? Hillary is the poster child for enablers in this situation and she’s top dog (no bitch jokes please).

He’s going to get in front of a camera and shed alligator tears while his wife stands next to him smiling. There will be a Beatles song in the background playing “we can work it out” while Billy Graham Jr administrates last rites to his genitals.

I dunno, I really think this could force him from office. He’s always been Mr. Squeaky Clean (incl. prosecuting prostitution cases) and is married with three kids. He’s already had an extremely bumpy first term. This just might be the last straw.

He should just pardon himself then no problem. :wink:

Reports are he resigned already. No confirmation from any news sources yet.

It’s neither a live boy nor a dead girl, so he should be fine. :wink:

He’s the Governor of New York, not a Bible Belt state. (Apologies for the stereotyping, but it’s hard not to respond in kind.) Pretending to get religion won’t save Spitzer’s job, and he didn’t bother trying it at the press conference just now. People here don’t demand that stuff from their public officials, in my experience.

He has not resigned so far, but he’s probably fucked. Which, of course, was the problem in the first place I guess.

So, will Hillary denounce or reject Spitzer’s superdelegate vote?

If he resigns he’ll no longer be governer and no longer have that superdelegate vote, AFAIK.

Spitzer has just been one mess after another. One of the first things he did after getting into office was attack violent video games and game players (making me really regret my vote for him), then he cast his lot with Hillary and now this.

Come back Tom Golisano! We need you!

You’re right. I should have said “Will Hillary denounce or reject Spitzer’s endorsement?”

As a New Yorker who gleefully voted for him and secretly hoped he would have presidential ambitions, all I can say is, what a fuckin’ disappointment.

Well I laughed, even as others whooshed.

Prostitution being illegal is silly anway- why all these people in office who like whores don’t try and enact legislation to make it legal instead of pretending to be against it is beyond me. Buy you and drinks and dinner and get sex = ok, give you cash in exchange for sex = not ok? :confused:

We labor long and hard for the few.

Thanks :slight_smile:

There isn’t much of a street market for greasy, horny politicians, but there’s a huge supply of them. My bet is that he worked mostly pro bono.