NY Public Library just placed 180,000 images online.

Warning: Huge time sink!

They’re publicizing it better, but many of those photos have been available on the site for years. I used this one when researching a novel over ten years ago.

It is great site, though, and I’m glad they’re doing more promotion.

Okay. I guess this Mother Jones article is mistaken or at least misleading. It’s dated yesterday.

Huh. We were just at the New York Public Library over the holidays. They have a special exhibit there about the Image Colection. Maybe this article is just tied into the exhibit, and publicizing somerthing that was already up.

It reads like this is brand new. Maybe there was a miscommunication.

That aside, it’s a fascinating collection.

This bit from the Mother Jones article puzzles me:

When you click the ‘filter for public domain’ box, you seem to run a very high chance of getting no results at all on a number of searches (as two examples, “Regency England” and “Jane Austen.”) The article seems to imply that all the images are public domain, and apparently it’s only a fraction of them that are.