NY Times aplogizes for being a propaganda tool, sort of

It seems the NY Times has as of late had a news room full of story fabricators, first Blair, and now Judith Miller. They’re so ashamed they can’t even mention her name in the apology that they posted.

NY Times Psuedo Apology - Published Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Unfortunately they didn’t name names, and it wasn’t Blair this time, it was a reporter named Judith Miller.

From this source…

It seems as if the stories were fed to Judith Miller and then once printed, used as cites by the administration top guns, you know, guys like Cheney.

Your second link was mistakenly just your first link over again. Here is the link I think you meant to make. (Thanks, google!!)

Anyways, it is a fascinating story. More evidence of our “liberal media” leading us astray. :wink: