NYC Dopers: Anyone for "Lawrence of Arabia" at the Ziegfeld?

Calling all NYC Dopers! Lawrence of Arabia is showing at the Ziegfeld through Thursday of next week!

Both film and sound have been digitally remastered (again, I suppose) and are being shown in glorious 70mm.

I adore this movie. And as much as I like the DVD, it really must be seen on the big screen to be appreciated. Which works out nicely, because the Ziegfeld’s screen is HUGE.

Since the Ziegfeld is directly across the street from my office, it’d be no big thing for me to pick up a block of tickets (subject to being paid back, of course). If I can get a few firm commitments, this could be a good time.

Shows are at 8:00. I’d prefer to go during the week – I commute in from the suburbs, and prefer not to take the trains if I don’t have to. I’m flexible on the specific day.

One minor catch: my job is a little unpredictable – sometimes clients want documents turned around overnight – so I’d need at least one backup person to come by a little early to get the tickets, collect cash from the others, and pay me back just in case the unfortunate happens.

Anyone up for it?

Not during the week, we’re not. Though it would be fun as part of a weekend Dope meet, methinks.

Ah, well.