NYC has NO country music radio station!

Not even one!

I was kinda shocked to read that in this Sunday’s NY Times. Country concerts sell out here, so there is definitely a market, and look at the huge turn-out when Garth Brooks had that concert in Central Park!

Apparently we used to have a country music station once, but they changed the format to Top 40 Spanish.

Are there any other major cities in the U.S. without a single country music radio station out there?


Hey I got a couple I would nominate to be moved to NYC.

That’s reason #4,962 for vibrotronica to move to New York City.

Well, if you count Imus and the musicians he calls great, there ya go!

I’m not sure what Boston’s (the city, not the band) current status in this department is. I think at one time in the early 90s we might have had two country stations but now we might not have one again, at least not a full time one.

Personally I’d rather listen to pigs yodelling.

Incidentally, Pigs Yodelling would make a great country band name.

Finally . . a reason to live in New York! :smiley:

"NYC has NO country music radio station! "
Good for them. Sadly, I doubt Atlanta will follow their lead.

Albany had three for a while. Then two for a long time. And now one. But the one we have is never going to end - they’ve been in business for 30 or 40 years now. Yeehaw.

It’s impossible to find much other than country or spanish oompah music around here (Central Valley, CA)


No country music station?

I’m glad I’m in LA where there is ONE…

otherwise there might not be a reason to live any more…

and I might have to write a country song about it…

How long have you been in NYC, Lola? If you just found out now that there is no country station here and you found out in a newspaper– well, there’s your explanation right there.
I’ve been in NY for 39 years and never noticed until I read this tread.

Fuck country music.

I can’t believe that NYC cannot support one full-time JAZZ station.

WBGO, 89.9 on your FM dial, originates in fuckin’ NEWARK.

Heh. Well, I have lived here a long time, but I just figured it was one of those stations I couldn’t tune in or sumpin’. I didn’t realize we didn’t actually have one! :eek:

I’d just like to say Manhattan accordingly deserves a hearty standing ovation.


There was a country station relatively recently. Like, within the past three years.

You lucky sons of guns!

Uke wrote:
“Fuck country music.”

Hey, hey. What’s going on here? Manny beat me up in GQ for using the same phrase aimed at Puerto Rico.

I want to play in Uke’s sandbox. The rules are more to my liking.

Depends on the target of your invective.

I’ll betcha manny wouldn’t have yelled at you if you’d said “Fuck country music!” or “Fuck those rats climbing up in the toilet bowl!”

Not that I DISLIKE country music, you understand. I’ve been known to throw a little Bill Monroe or Johnny Cash on the box, especially after I’ve been drinking. Just making a point about how there’s so little decent jazz available on the NYC airwaves. And decent classical music, while we’re at it.

BTW, been missing you, big guy. You get a real job or somethin’?

Lucky Noo Yawkers have everything.