NYC Schools Grade Fixing. Why doesnt New York care?

HERE is a recent article about a NYC high school who’s award winning principal. had bragged about its high graduation rate and the high test scores on state exams. Turned out they were fixing grades, giving answers, or just awarding class credit for classes not taken.

Many people came forward over a year ago but nothing was done. The schools overseeing board, the mayors office and the state, have done little.They are blaming that on Covid.

I cant believe the citizens would allow this. Here in Kansas a few years ago something like this sort of happened in a small district and everyone from the press to the state educational department to the presidents of major state universities got involved. From the latter they told any current students at their college from that high school that their academic credentials were being double checked. The community fired the school administration and elected a new school board.

But this seems common in big cities. Why?

From your story:

And other people think they’re taking way too long. Hard to say what the actual story is from your article alone.

From you:

But this seems common in big cities. Why?

Where else is this happening?

Confirmation bias?

Reminds me of that Atlanta scandal where teachers and other so-called educators were tampering with standardized tests.,in%20the%20district’s%20poorest%20neighborhoods.&text=The%20state%20flagged%20potential%20cheating,investigation%20to%20uncover%20the%20truth.

It’s no surprise why it happens and where. Now with California moving to not use standard tests for their colleges grade inflation and just flat out grades that mean nothing are going to be more common and more valuable.

In 2008?

Surprisingly enough. It’s weird what sticks in the mind. Like I remember things even from before the year 2000. It’s an amazing gift! :slight_smile: