NYCDopers: Wine in Central Park?

Suppose that, hypothetically one were to bring a picnic into Central Park. Suppose further that this picnic included a nice bottle of wine. Do the police enforce the Central Park ban on booze with enough vigor that one would probably be caught? Or do the police generally practice a form of benign neglect, so long as you’re not obnoxious about it?

(Mods: Note that I’m asking about the state of law enforcement in NYC, not how best to circumvent it. That being said, I apologize if this is over that fine line.)

Odds are pretty high that you could get away with it, with just a modicum of discretion…

I would wager that there are several people doing this very thing as we speak, without calling attention to the exact contents of their meal.

I’ve done that many times and never had any trouble. If you don’t flaunt it (we usually used plastic cups) you’ll probably* be fine.

*This is not a guarantee.

In 2002 I saw a bum take a dump right on South Central Park across from the Trump Tower and nobody so much as stopped to give a disgusted look. I think you’d be safe with your bottle of wine.

I just went to see the NY Philharmonic in a free concert in Central Park, and almost every group of people brought a picnic which included wine. Now, yeah, it was at night, but we got there at 6:30 so it wasn’t dark yet, and people were already pouring. You might say it was to be expected at a concert like that, but the bottom line is I don’t think anyone will notice or care one way or the other.

When I’ve gone to the Philharmonic or Met productions, there have been posted signs and online announcements on the NYTimes/Philharmonic websites saying that alcohol is not permitted. That said, as long as you don’t take a cooler full, the police won’t stop you.

That was kind of my point though, that it happens so often the police tend to turn a blind eye as long as too much attention isn’t being brought to it. It’s kind of like jaywalking… sure it’s illegal, but the police aren’t going to bust you for crossing the street when there clearly aren’t any cars coming.

ETA: Obviously there are exceptions, and I’m sure people get a ticket for jaywalking and drinking alcohol in CP every now and then… I’m just saying it’s a rare thing.

Thanks for the good answers, folks!

A dump, yes. A wine enema, no.

Got a ticket once for drinking a beer :eek: (artfully hidden in a paper bag provided by the illegal vendor) in the Sheep’s Meadow. I think it depends alot on context, at a large outdoor classical music/opera performance, you’ll likely be ok, otherwise it’s a crapshoot. Never know when Officer Friendly needs to meet his monthly summons quota or just hasn’t been getting laid! I know they pretty thoroughly check bags going into the summertsage concerts, probably cause they just want you to buy their overpriced beers inside.
As an aside, (sorry I don’t know how to do the link thing, but maybe another NYC Doper can help) the signs posted in NYC parks telling you what’s allowed & what’s not have a picture of a martini glass in a circle with a line through it (even with an olive). No martinis allowed! I guess because the Martini glass is the most easily identified symbol for alcohol. I was going to say to the cop “but officer, it’s not a martini, it’s a beer!” But luckily thought better of it!