NYT workaround

A bit of information for our poorer Dopers who like to read the NYT. They have a limit on how many articles you can read without subscribing: Go to Chrome options, advanced, manage exceptions, clear site data, enter “nyt” - delete all those cookies, and you’re back in the game. You’re welcome.

You can just delete the query strings from the URLs you get when the NYT says you’re over your limit.

Or that. :smiley:

I don’t know what the deal with NYT is, but I too have noticed that I can read all the articles I want, and have never run into that monthly article limit.

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I run my browser in “maximally crippled mode”, with JavaScript disabled. I also purge ALL cookies, and pretty much everything else, regularly. And I read a LOT of NYT stuff. Haven’t gotten turned away yet.

(Shhhh! Let’s keep this real quiet, shall we?)

That’s probably why. On other computers, I just delete the strings.

It also isn’t a problem on most library computers.

Yeah, the NYT uses a Javascript hack to limit your viewing, by overlaying the paywall dialog after your browser has downloaded and rendered the entire article. The Javascript itself is triggered by an extra param on the URL query string. So deleting that param or turning Javascript off will make it go away.

Why don’t you just reroute the anti-protons through the main deflector dish?

Because the warp core antimatter reserves are depleted.

Copy the article’s URL, go to unblocked.org, paste it in – and voilà, unlimited NYT reading.

How is this different from emptying the cache? Is it that you have to do it only once?

And to think I’ve been doing it the old-fashioned way all this time and PAYING for the New York Times!