NZ people - how is Luigi's Pizza?

I ask this because according to their ordering page you can get pizza from them for the :wink: low, low costs of $NZD2500 outside Wellington or $US10 000 international. So I am extremely interested: How’s their pizza?

My specious guess would be it’s somewhat taller and greener than Mario’s Pizza.

Anyone here from Wellington? Is Banquet Bear still around? This must be what those guys get up to in between parliamentary sessions.

Cool site. :smiley:

…I must do a thread on amazing co-incidences, because otherwise, I wouldn’t be bumping this thread!!! I was reading this thread, and decided to do a vanity search on myself…and this thread popped up!!! Now I left parliament a little while ago ( :frowning: ) , and have been doing the rounds of the city for the last couple of weeks looking for a site to set up a new business venture … driving around the Basin Reserve I noticed that the Pizzeria on the corner had closed down and felt a bit sad-as they had been there for decades… sure enough-after a couple of clicks on google, I find out that the Pizzeria was indeed, Luigi’s Pizza… :frowning:

…so in answer to your question-it seems like Luigi’s Pizza is no more… :frowning: Indeed there website has gone down…’s+pizza+deliver+anywhere+in+the+world&hl=en

…and is only available by caches…I do know they had an outstanding reputation locally-they had been around for a long, long time-and it appears they were closed down along with a lot of other business’s in the “block” because the leaseholder seems to want to develop the property… and I never got a chance to try the pizza…