O Fortuna - I'm on Carmina duty again tonight

Two performances: one tonight and one on Saturday night. They’re part of a series of winter gala concerts, with the Sydney Symphony and Arvo Volmer.

No doubt it will be packed. The crowds always turn up in droves for Carmina.

I stay away from O Fortuna. Last time there was an epic battle betwen the balcony and the mezzanine.

Have a great time - here’s a pint on me.

Si puer cum puellula
se moratur in cellula
Felix conjunctio!

oooo, Carmina Burana is one of my favorites. I loved doing it in Chorale in school!

Have you ever listened to the actual real carmina burana from the middle ages that Orff based his upon?

Orff based most of hus music on Stravinsky. :wink:

There are some good guesses, interpretations, and reconstructions of some of the actual music found in the Benediktbeuern manuscrupt. One of my favorites is Joel Cohen’s interpretation, found here.

Break a leg, Cunctator, and may all of your ios and hahas be in perfect unison.

Just be sure nobody substitutes these lyrics.

It went well last night. Very good crowd for a Thursday in the middle of winter. The soprano was absolutely on fire. I don’t think I’ve ever heard *Dulcissime *sung so well. The conductor took In Taverna at a cracking pace but we managed to hold it together.

All in all, about 9 out of 10 I think.