O.K. then, what about man and gorrillas?

I read somewhere the Chinese had succesfully bred a man and a gorrilla? anyone else heard this? UL?

With artificial insemination, on the bare edge of possibility. With a chimp, in the lab, I would say a definate maybe. But WHY?

Thus, sounds like an UL.

some people will do anything for a few Golds at the Olympics…

Let me tell you one thing: It takes a LOT of tequila to get a gorilla into the sack.

So it’s the gorilla, and not the human, who needs the tequila? Damn! I’ve been doing it all backwards…

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Well, if you saw me, you’d understand.

Dr. Necessiter (David Warner): As you know, my research has advanced to a point where I can put [your mistress’] mind into the body of a gorilla.
Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr (Steve Martin): I couldn’t fuck a gorilla!

Holy S***! I thought I was the only one who remembered that flick!

BTW: I’m very impressed. You spelled the name properly!

Where did you read this? The Weekly World News? You got an email? You misspelled “gorilla,” BTW.

Guerillas have been interbreeding with regular people for ages.

I saw a really cheezy made-for-TV movie with this premise once, except it wasn’t a true hybrid, but a chimera. You take two separate zygotes, each with two parents, and mix them together before they begin to differentiate. Net result is that you get some cells in the resultant organism that’re pure gorilla, and some that are pure human (or whatever species you’re using). I don’t remember who it was in the movie that did the experiment, though… It may have been the Chinese.

Yes, but could they make a two or three assed monkey… or even a five assed monkey?


What do you get when you breed a tiger with a parrot?

I don’t know, but when it talks I listen :smiley:

Sqrl, they would be fools indeed for tampering with God’s elegant, single-assed design.

blessedwolf: I’ll cop to looking up the spelling on the IMDB, but the quote was the very first thing I thought of when I read the OP. One of my favorite movies.

I do recall a story in the Plain Dealer (I’m sure it was a wire story) this year or last about a researcher who announced plans to create a human/chimp hybrid and patentin, in order to draw attention to what he felt was the unethical practice of patenting living things. I’ll be damned if I can find a cite for it, though. Anyone else want to give it a shot?

First Born (1989 TV mini-series)

*Edward Forester is a genetic researcher, intent on breeding primate hybrids. But his experiments take a strange turn when he succeeds in breeding a human/gorilla hybrid. He hides the results of the experiment, adopting the child, and helps Gor to speak and blend into society. But Gor can’t help being what he is, and tragedy and revelations are the ultimate result. *

Holy cow! I wrote the same damned story for my short-story fiction writing class the year before that! Right down to the chimaera! I wonder if someone pinched it? If the show was a piece of shit, it definitely could have been mine.

I found this on a cached page at Google. The original link is busted. I’ve cleaned it up some.

Similarity of genetic code

Similarity of… to…

Chimp______________bonobo 99.3%
Human______________Chimp or bonobo 98.4%
Gorilla____________Human, chimp, or bonobo 97.7%
Orang utan_________ Gorilla, human, chimp, or bonobo 96.4%
Gibbon or siamang __Great apes 95%
Old World monkeys __apes 93%

Human and chimp hemoglobin are identical in all 287 units.

So according to that scale, humans and Gorillas share almost 98% of their genetic material. That, I think, is closer than horses and donkeys. So I think it is definitely possible that it can happen. In researching my little opus back in college I learned that Gorillas’heads are much larger than humans’ at birth, so the baby would have to be delivered by c-section. I’m assuming a human mother would carry the fetus; I wouldn’t want to try to take a newborn away from its 300 lb. mother.

I too, read that the Chinese were planning on interbreeding humans and gorillas. It was in approximately 1983, in the “Continuum” section of the Penthouse of Science, Omni Magazine. I would take that report, and my recollection, with a pound or two of salt. I haven’t found any articles implying the same on-line, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

You know, I may just be a sick fuck, but I’d be willing to donate my sperm to impregnate a chimanzee. Just to see what it would be like. After all, when I have a son, I’m sure his back will be hairy anyway…

Sofa K. is right about the Omni article and I also read it in a book somewhere ages ago. Who the hell knows what goes on behind closed doors? Like B. wolf, I’m sure there is some “sick” fuck giving tequila to a chimp somewhere. 'Course you’re not gonna hear about the results. In a recent (4or 5 months ago?) Outside article about one of those ‘primate women’ there was mention of an Orang ‘raping’ a woman. The world is a crazy place. I’d bet it has happened.

According to Jared Diamond, (in his book “The Third Chimpanzee”, humans are so close genetically to the two species of chimps that we might as well be in the same genus. That’s right, it should be Homo sapiens, Homo troglodytes, and Homo paniscus. Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but Chimps are definately hominids.

It wouldn’t shock me if hybridization was sometimes possible. A chimp or bonobo would be a better candidate than a gorilla, of course. But note that a chimp would have a better chance hybridizing with a human that it would with a gorilla.

It’s usually stated that the chimp is man’s closest relative. But what people sometimes fail to realize is that a chimp’s closest relative is not the gorilla, but the human.