O Lovely, Fruitful Pomona, do it, or rather, don't do it, again!

Last Spring, as a happy happenstance, both my ornamental pear trees(Callery) did NOT flower, sparing me the bushels of Fall drupelets(nutlets?) that would glue themselves to my car. Other nearby trees, some identical to mine, and other similar ones, flowered and were extremely fecund right on schedule. My trees are growing well, I see no insects or signs of disease. Should I be concerned for the health of my trees? Ultimately, is there anything I can do to make this happen again? Is there anything I can add to the soil to cause premature flower drop, if, in fact, my trees do their thing THIS year? One oddity: some scurrilous knave had spread what looked like a soft, kitty litter-type substance around the base of ONE of the trees, nothing on the other. Had there been something in that that might’ve “poisoned” the tree, I could see it not living up to its usual fruitfulness. The other tree had nothing dumped on it, but did not flower/fruit either. I want to mess with a primal force of Nature, so, fellow dopers, help me out.

Get yourself some liquid nitrogen and keep the trees in a deep-freeze all year. Just be careful not to bump a tree with your car door, or it’ll shatter like glass. :smiley: