O Philadelphians: Tell me of the Radnor Hunt


A time-honored Steeplechase event - and apparently a bit of a big deal.

I may be going as part of a company event. What can I expect? I’ve been told khaki’s, a button-down and blazer are standard…

Oh, I thought maybe you were going to hunt with the Radnor! I long to have the talent and experience to hunt. We have three active packs around here in Middle Tennessee, and it’s always been a bucket-list kind of thing. I actually think my TB gelding would probably be a good field hunter - he’s very level-headed for a TB.

As for the steeplechase, around here if you were going as a corporate deal, preppy dress should do you. Here are images of folks at the Iroquois. People on the sidelines are more casual, but the group gatherings and the rich dress more formally.


Me? Doing a “hunt”?! O, man, you have no idea how hilarious you would find that if you knew me IRL :wink: :smiley:

I know nothing about this stuff and have no experience with hoidy-toidy events like this. There will be “tailgate” areas there, but I suspect it will not be like the NFL equivalent, nor like NASCAR, with folks trying to get girls to lift their tops…at least I hope not. I can’t handle crowds like that.