Oak tree ID in Charleston, SC

When I was in Charleston a few years ago, I noticed a very strange type of oak planted decoratively around the city. It had acorns, but it had very strange leaves. I can’t remember them exactly since it’s been some time, but I remember that they were small, thin and long, without any of the wavyness/jaggedness/serration of any other oaks I’ve ever seen - there were no lobes at all. I can’t remember the exact length of each leaf but I believe they were about 2 inches long. I think I remember seeing them around Marion Square.

Does anyone know what kind of oak that is?

Get the Golden Nature Guide Trees (or any other nature guide) and look up the tree. There are pictures of acorn and leaf for each variety, and it ought to be easy to make the identification.

There’s probably some online site with the same info.

The Arizona Oak?




Swamp Chestnut Oak


Here’s one:

Ah, I found it after some more lookin garound. Thanks for the help all.
They were Laurel Oaks

There’s a bunch of oak species without oak-leaf shaped leaves. Long skinny leaves might fit willow oak, which is also cultivated as an ornamental tree:


Laurel oak is another possibility:


ETA: Oops, I wasn’t quick enough.

Your tree sounds very much like what I had in my front yards…right next to the dang gutters. The leaves were slim enough to get through the leaf guards…

willow oak

Got the ID from this page…

Comparison of Features of Oaks (Quercus spp.)

Hope this helps,