Oak's Bowl Pick Em 2015

I’ve renewed the league from last year, and all previous participants should receive an invitation at the email address used for the 2014 game. The league is at Yahoo.

Group ID# 8749
password: cecil

I think there may be a limit of 50 players, but we’ve never been close. All are welcome to join us. Grand Priize is Oak’s Big Ol Bag of Air*
*bag not included

Beasley’s in! Thanks, Oak!

Point Spread is not considered, correct?

I sure hope not. I did not see anything about it when I started the league…but I screwed up the regular Pick Em game this year. You could look at the settings to be sure…

No CP on mine. Had to move a slider up (or down) to the place where that CP number was (on the right of the voting page).

I left the “CFP Championship” unchecked for the time being and it shows my slate as “incomplete” but I don’t know how to change that.

I’m just now seeing that this explanation is muddy. The point spread is not on my voting sheet, and the Confidence Points are not as handy as just typing them in. The slider approach for setting the CP is time-consuming but otherwise okay.

I think there is a way to use the more traditional approach to assigning confidence points…not sure why they always default to that slider thingy in the Bowl Pick’em.

I am in.

Too many bowl games w/ teams that I don’t know a thing about.

Games start tomorrow.

Forgot all about this until tonight. Just spent five minutes on it. Probably not much better than a purely random selection.

Back in and just in time!